15 Jan 2009

A short mostly happy post

Duncan likes to look at this blog, in particular at his pictures, films and photos. He cuddled beside me just now as I clicked onto the archives for November looking for the link to my "Flying Virgin" post. He smiled at the photo of him sleeping next to me and said, "Mummy is holding Duncan. Mummy is keeping Duncan safe and Duncan is happy on the Virgin aeroplane."

Oh boy, he melts my heart. Being with this amazing child is the antidote to the vicious disablism evident in the comments on a CiF piece in the Guardian yesterday. By the time I read it there were 125 comments so I couldn't even be bothered to address the cruel misunderstandings and insults. Bah.

On another topic, Thomas and Lady both received good news at their gymnastics class yesterday. Both were complimented by a senior coach and advised to change to more advanced classes for children with particular talent and potential. Thomas reckons he'll be an Olympian in time, whereas Lady is just pleased that her dream of getting better at the sport she loves is coming true.


Anonymous said...

One melting moment puts life into perspective!

Well done to Thomas & Lady!

Sharon McDaid said...

It sure does. I get a few of those moments every day and they keep me going better than anything else. And thanks.

Nick McGivney said...

I just read Anya's piece in the Guardian and it beggars belief that fights like this need even be contemplated, let alone fought. We will always struggle with fringe lunatics, clearly, but when you have to face into an apparently apathetic majority it does up the blood pressure. Considering too the eloquent clarity of her self-advocacy, a visitor from a more caring planet would be struggling with concepts like humanity and humane. Welcome to Earth. Conform to neuro-typicality or we will eugenically wipe you out.

Nonetheless her self advocacy is heartening. To hell with the begrudgers.

Sharon McDaid said...

Nick you've done well to emphasise the positive in Anya Ustaszewski's piece. She was brilliant and explained the her position and reasoning so well.

There were also some excellent comments among the dross. But yes it is disheartening that people making reasonable claims to be treated humanely are scolded and mocked.