9 Jan 2009

In which we see a bit of what goes on in his mind

Duncan still likes to make pictures with the computer. He's been very busy for the past few days making a film containing images he's taken from the web mixed with some of his own art work, set to his current favourite music; Phunk It by the Black Eyed Peas, or a piece from the Disney Dinosaur soundtrack. He asked me to upload one of the films to YouTube and the music was silenced immediately for breaking copyright. Bah, my kid's weirdly wonderful video that'll be viewed by perhaps 2 other users (both landing on it by mistake) will hardly prevent people buying the album!
Ach well. Dems the rules I suppose.

Still, I'm impressed as always by what he comes up with. As well as his colourful creations, the titles he chooses often make me laugh. Here's a selection of his latest pieces.

Put Upon Percy
I like the man in the red hard-hat. There's a real sense of impending danger here.
The sign says, "NO CRASHING."

These 2 rogues are, so I'm told, the naughty egg thieves. The orange thing on the smaller one's head is the egg. The brown things dangling off their chins are their "cock-a-loodle doos!"

Dinosaurs and Pantsores and Giforgows.
I'm not sure where the last 2 terms came from but he's insisted for a while now that they are the names of a couple of dinosaur breeds. And who am I to argue? There's a fair bit of Thomas & Friends references included here too.

He's quite simply, a superdog.

My new put upon Percy
Even the sun is freaking out about this situation!

Scaredy engines
Can you blame them! I'd be scared too if I was emitting red smoke and a couple of fearsome ghosts were after me!

Hmm, I'm not even going to try to interpret that one. It's interesting though.

That's enough for now. I've got to cook him some hard spaghetti with grated Red Leicester cheese and tomato ketchup, one of his favourites.


thenewstead6 said...

These are great! They are scarily like the sort of things William draws. I think Paint is a great programme to get them onto, and it startd Josh off on the idea of using pictures to make cartoons etc with moviemaker. As you say, I love the insight that not just the pictures but the explanations give into their minds. x

Ed said...

Great pictures!

"I'm not sure where the last 2 terms came from but he's insisted for a while now that they are the names of a couple of dinosaur breeds. And who am I to argue?"

I'll bet there were several types of dinosaurs without names. Even if there weren't, some can't be pronounced easily so they need better ones. I think Duncan will choose great names!

Anonymous said...

All I could think of with the gifargows was "giraffes" I'm afraid. Which aren't quite dinosaurs.
Tom loves drawing as well, usually Teletubbies, Night Garden characters and now, after having seen the 1960's Batman film, the various characters in that. I think he's very good for a five year old, however, this is coming from myself who has the artistic capacity of an intoxicated gnat.

Sharon McDaid said...

@thenewstead6, I'd like to see William's pictures too. Duncan's been making films with moviemaker for the past few days, using his own pictures and images from the web. He's had me upload them to YouTube too. They're a bit...strange!
I think he needs his own Youtube channel.

@Ed, Hi and happy new year to you!
I do like his invented names. He has created some novel names for his computer simulated roller coasters too.

@Bullet, like you I'm no good at drawing and never had the imagination to come up with new and interesting ideas like he does, so that might be why I'm so impressed at his ability.