7 Jan 2009

Good shop

I took the children shopping yesterday. My brother discovered the existence of a decent sports shop next to our local Tesco store when he was here last week. Not that he had to have great exploration skills, he just ambled into the shop and had a peek upstairs, something I'd not thought to try.

Duncan needed shoes so off we go to see if anything is suitable. Almost as soon as we're in and up the stairs, he notices a light blue hooded top. "Get that one, it's a Rugrats top." I check the size and price and all's well so I pick it up. He shrugs off his navy top and dons the new one immediately. Then since he's trying to emulate Chuckie who only ever wears shorts, he rolls his trouser legs up to his knees. I have to say, he looks a bit odd. He dashes around the shop looking for other Rugrat inspired items. Eventually I get him to come and look at the shoes. It's hard to source a pair of size ones and keep up with a whirling boy. He wants red shoes, but finding none, settles for black, Velcro fastening trainers. He spots a pair of trousers adorned with pictures of Spongebob Squarepants. As he's grown out of some trousers recently, I allow him to get these too, but am unprepared for his decision to pull his own trousers down right in the middle of the shop to try to change. I convince him to wait until I've paid. As soon as that's done he's off with the attempted stripping again so I usher them all to a changing room. As expected the trousers are long enough but much too big on the waist and need a belt. Never mind, Duncan wants to tuck the blue top inside the trousers. It's a look that makes me think of Steptoe, for some reason.

So clothes bought, I turn my attention to our food needs. Trawling the big supermarkets can be a pain when you've a boy who runs. Sometimes I take his Major buggy but it's a bugger to steer and makes it hard to gather the groceries. Sometimes he squeezes into the toddler seats on the trolleys; there aren't many 8 year olds who can manage that. For the first time I notice that Tesco has these disabled child trolleys in store, with a wide seat facing the person pushing. Perfect for Duncan! He happily sat down and was strapped in and we had the easiest scoot around a shop for ages.

See how a little adaptation can help!

(Oh, he wants "square purple glasses" and to paint a "yellow planet" on his top now.)


Anonymous said...

Shopping for your family is never dull!

Anonymous said...

He IS adorable, and you know it!!

Sharon McDaid said...

@Grannymar, don't I know it!
I sometimes wonder what people think when they see us. (I feel a post coming!)

@Esther, too true.
Your new site is brilliant, when did you start that? And where are you living now?
Happy new year to you all.