29 Jan 2009

Duncan takes over my blog

I've been caught up in efforts to stop the Action for Children demonic autism campaign (now with 625 members!)

But I must still blog as I have been ordered to do so.
The little man created another of his fine, artistic videos. He asked me to upload it to YouTube as usual, but he also asked me to help him annotate it with little speech bubbles. He's more aware of YouTubian innovations than I am!

So he provided the text and I provided my limited technical assistance and we've developed the following masterpiece. Oh, and I was also instructed to, "put it on the blog"!

He asked me to let him type a bit, so here's Duncan's post. He asked me to put his words in italics. I must get him a blog of his own.
The Rugrats are going to the jungle with dinosaurs and eggs and meat of the egg travels the desert. Must wait.
The End
So as asked, here is...Rugrats, The Return of Reptar Rex.


jypsy said...


I hope we won't be driven to have to start a "We demand you give Duncan his own blog" Facebook group.....

I mean, we know you're understandably busy and can wait a bit, but not forever....

Great work kid!!

Robert said...

Can you tell me how Duncan started off making these videos? If you have the answer in a previous post, can you give me the address? I'm considering introducing something like this to my son.

Belated congratulations on the 3rd year of your blog. I've beem lurking here for quite a while. Long may it continue!

Btw, I'm a Belfast man who moved to England in 1994 to provide a better future for my son (then 14). His autism had been undiagnosed in NI at that time. It's been an uphill struggle to provide him with the life he deserves, but I've sort of got there - I think...

Sharon McDaid said...

@jypsy, I read your comment to Duncan but unlike his mum who is a praise junkie (it's pathetic really!) he wasn't much interested. I asked him if he wants a blog with a name on it that he chooses. He didn't answer, but might well be letting the idea stew. I'll ask again tomorrow.

@Robert, you're very welcome. It's awful that your son wasn't diagnosed at 14, but not surprising. I'm hoping that things are improving here a least a bit, but Duncan was diagnosed when we lived in London. His autism was very obvious and accompanied by marked speech delay. It's often harder, it seems, to get a diagnosis for children whose speech isn't delayed.

Duncan makes the videos using Windows Movie Maker which came along with our standard Windows software. I dare say there's a (probably better) free film making program available if you're a Mac user too.

He draws the pictures on Paint.net or else downloads them or even does a screen grab that he then edits. He pulls the pictures into the movie maker, adds an MP3 song and that's it. It's easy enough to use and you can play about with the extra functions after you've got the basic film made.

He's been interested in drawing for ages, though at first I had to draw everything as he wasn't pleased with what he did himself, then he started playing about with drawing for himself, using markers and paint and more frequently using the computer.

Thanks for de-lurking and I hope you'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Hello Duncan.
I liked the video.
The T Rex was very fearsome.
My son Tom loves drawing as well.

Robert said...

Thanks for the info. I use Windows movie maker & thought you might use that. I hadn't thought of using paint.net etc. My son loves using my laptop - mostly finds sites about James Bond or Man Utd - so I'll try this & see if he's interested.

Thanks again!