22 Jan 2009

The day in pictures

The family ate lunch together. Even Duncan sat/stood at the table with everyone else for a while before plonking himself back down in front of his computer. It's situated just beside the dining table, so at least he was close. These simulated theme parks don't build themselves you know! Unfortunately he opted to watch films about ear wax extraction as we ate. I persuaded him to watch more Morph films first, and watch ear wax films later.
(RIP Tony Hart, a source of joy and inspiration to so many.)

Lady started to work on a volcano kit she'd been given as a gift ages ago. The boys gathered to watch and participate. Duncan was alarmed at the idea of an explosion in the kitchen. I was able to explain that it isn't a real volcano, just a little pretend one for children. He donned the plastic safety glasses and helped with the first activity, a basic demonstration of the effects of coloured water on a mixture of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. He was impressed, the others were a bit underwhelmed. Next they painted the volcano case and we've left it to dry in preparation for a demonstration of the stunning power of our planet.

The weather wasn't too bad so we headed off to the playground for a while. Duncan ran the length of the tennis courts, throwing his orange "Green Eggs and Ham" book into the air several time. He told me he was doing "the egg travels" and though I don't know the scene he means (from Disney's Dinosaur), I trust his interpretation. Lady did gymnastics moves and pushed her brothers fast in the spinning bowl thing. They have an uncanny tolerance for rotational movement.

Thomas does effortless gorgeousness.

Duncan revs up the spinning bowl thing before launching himself inside.

Pippi waits patiently while her pack frolics.

It has been another good day.


Ed said...

Sounds and looks like a good time was had by all.

The Volcano sounds exciting. Maybe they will learn to make a larger more explosive one later. :)

Manuel said...

if you ever need your dog looked after you let me know.....I'm no good with kids but dogs, yes....

Sharon McDaid said...

Hi Ed. It was all going so well until I slipped down the stairs and landed on my backside this evening. Ouch.

The volcano kit has all sorts of extra bits we've yet to explore so hope to see a more exciting demonstration tomorrow.

Manuel, I may hold you to that.
But are you sure you couldn't manage the kids too...you could get them polishing glass and cutlery. (Actually they'd do it for money, they're saving at the minute so always looking to earn. Flip, I better watch what I'm writing or I'll have the authorities on to me for promoting child labour.)

Jen said...

Hi Sharon. I noticed your blog in the list of blogs nominated for the 09 blog awards, and as i'm very interested in autism I thought i'd check it out. Great work, and i've only seen the first page.

Sharon McDaid said...

Hello Jennifer. Thank you and welcome. I'm happy to have discovered your blog for the first time too.