27 Jan 2009

Pinocchio Film by Duncan

Here's another one of Duncan's films. This is one of the less bizarre productions he has created recently.

The film captures some images from Disney's Pinocchio film, the scary scene when the naughty boys, now turned into donkeys, are beaten by the horrid man and packed in boxes to be sent to salt mines.

We had a chat about the film:

Me: So this film is called Pinocchio Part 7. Why is it Part 7?
Duncan: It's the one part 7.

What do the donkeys say?
[that's his phonetic spelling of the donkey sound on Disney's Pinocchio.]

That sounds like a donkey. Are they frightened?
Yes. They are good donkeys. And then the good Pinocchio donkeys will be happy soon.

Who is the bad man?
It's the circus man.

What is he doing with the donkeys?
He hits them with a stick and they say OOAAUUUHH!

Where does he put the poor donkeys?
On a ship and then the donkeys go home to their good mama.

That's enough.
The end.


Anonymous said...

Having just found your blog, I think this was a lovely post. Our children supply such wonderful conversation.

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

I watched it earlier, it was very enjoyable :D.
Hijacking a little to thank you for your invitation to the Facebook group. You are more than welcome to add my name (however you want, comments section, post etc) to back up that I support you in this, but I am not a member of Facebook and I can't work it out and I think that I wouldn't be able to navigate all the structures, poking, walls etc that are a part of it.

Sharon McDaid said...

@Crystal Jigsaw, thanks and welcome.
I love it when Duncan talks about one of his films/pictures/outfits/train arrangements. It's one of the few times we have a back and forth conversation.

@Bullet, no problem. It's not everyone's cup of tea, that's for sure! In fact, I feel a bit cheeky when I send these invites in case the seem to put pressure on people.