29 Apr 2006

Thomas turns 4!

Thomas was 4 years old today. He jumped into bed beside me this morning and we had a nice wee chat.
‘Happy Birthday darling’,
‘Is it really my birthday today? Am I 4 now?’
But I liked being 3!’
‘Being 3 is great, but it’s lots of fun when you’re 4 too!’
Oh. OK then

Lady came in and I gave him his present then; a plastic castle with a few medieval characters. He was very pleased with it. They woke Duncan so he could play with them.

We had a party for him this afternoon. It was just so nice! We had a great gang of kids in and out of the house, making good use of the new trampoline, playing with each other and making their own fun. We adults enjoyed pizza and plenty of chat.

I’m driving to my brother’s house tomorrow for another birthday party. My niece was born 2 days before Thomas so we’re having a family get together at their place. It’s a 3 hour drive though! Ah well, it’ll be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Thomas!!

Anonymous said...

Oops, late, but…
Happy Birthday Thomas!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Thomas! Have great fun being 4. I sometimes wish I could be 4 again, just for a day or so :)

Anonymous said...

Belated birthing day greetings!

Sorry I haven’t visited your site for a week and a bit…so I’ve been catching up on your posts. When I go out in public with Willow and the whole family it takes nerves of steel. Just the journey if we are driving is normally horrendous. I actually rarely ‘enjoy’ it when we are doing family trips…..too many conflicting interests and the melt-downs can be draining. (I’mrefering to the zoo trip). I think every family who makes it through a zoo (etc) trip deserve a medal. Oak also just nods approvingly about home ed…and is ’supportive’…but I fully expect him to question me about it if the shi* hits the fan one day. He has also said to me that it was my choice to do this…and I was like..”And that means what?” Unless the blokes read up on home ed and the different outcomes of diagnosed stuff..I mean….you know….if they haven’t done any research then it would be difficult for them to understand. And they don’t do the 24/7 thang. Usually they are the ones out a t work…..but I know from experience it is so much easier to go to work than it is to labour at home with kids. Not that I want to do the work thing…oak IS right..I have chosen this..it is my ‘job’ in a way…and the pay is crap a lot of the time. Why am I doing it? Because there is not a better alternative and because I want to spend time with my kids…and because I resent the school system and what it does to families. It sounds like you and your husband have got a really good handle on things and that you have comminicated with eachother well:) It’s always a work in progress though, ain’t it? ;)

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks for all the birthday greetings!

Elderfairy, I’ve been told that it’s my choice to do things this way. But I don’t see it as much of a choice. I could force Duncan onto a school bus at 8 every morning and have the little talks with his teachers about all his problem behaviours, but that would be wrong. I could drag all the children out with me every day to drop off/pick up Lady (and Thomas from September if I chose) at school. Then I could put up with all the rubbish I know goes with having your children in school. I see the home-ed way as the only way for our family right now.