8 Apr 2006

First this, then that

I’m at home with the boys. They’ve just had lunch; ‘muffles’ for Thomas (he meant potato waffles) and Duncan ate 4 chicken dipper things. We’ve been drawing pictures and colouring them together. I’ve just drawn Po from the Teletubbies and a dancing bear. All great stuff.

Duncan is dressed as Robin Hood. He cut his knee a little earlier and wanted a plaster on the little wound. A while later he was pulling the wrappers off a few more yellow plasters and sticking them onto his brown belt. I asked him not to rip open the plasters, but then I realised he was making a golden buckle on his belt so he looked even more like Robin Hood! Yesterday he was dressed as Fizz from the Tweenies for a while again, then as a ‘Narnia boy’. When he got dressed at first this morning, he was wearing Lady’s colourful stripy tights. She thought he looked like a little rainbow elf!

He is getting better at negotiating too. Last night he wanted his picture of Fizz to hold while I read their bedtime story. I said ‘first story, then paper Fizz.’ He came back with ‘first paper Fizz, then story!’ I had to laugh; he’s shown that he understands that one well enough! Oh and he got Fizz first, as requested!
Just now he wanted me to unlock the big kitchen cupboard to get the ‘wash’. I didn’t know what he meant but he fetched the mop and pretended it was a motorbike like on the ‘Aristocats’.

Gordon and Lady have just returned. Lady says she has her first Ju-Jitsu grading either next week or the one after but isn’t too sure! Ah well, we’ll find out soon enough!

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