4 Apr 2006

We love Hairy Potter

It’s funny how having a few days away knocked me off schedule. I had many days worth of washing and cleaning to catch up on. I think we’re sorted now!

Lady really liked looking through our Rome photos, and drew a great picture of Gordon and me beside the Colosseum.

On Saturday last I took Lady to see ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ performed by the village drama group in a local church hall. I was surprised at how good it was and we both really enjoyed it. I explained to Lady what was happening a few times as we watched. She understood well and asked lots of questions in the break and at the end. She wants to join the junior drama group now.

I bought the 1st 3 Harry Potter films recently; they were on special offer. Lady has watched them a few times. Currently, Daniel Radcliffe is her favorite actor. She has been playing Harry Potter games with the boys nearly all the time. She is Hermione, Thomas is Harry and Duncan is Ronald Weasley. They’re all walking round wearing cloaks and using chop-sticks as wands. Thomas has been wearing Lady’s pink, sparkly sun-glasses (the only ones they could find) with a zigzag scar drawn on his forehead with marker. Lady has been teaching Thomas various magic spells. This morning, the computer didn’t start properly for him and before I could come to help, he was waving his chop-stick wand at it saying ‘allo halora’, ‘cause that’s going to sort it out!
He calls himself ‘Hairy Potter’ and the 4th film is ‘the Goblic of Fire’. He asked me if he could have a ‘bomb stick’ for his birthday when he’s 4. I asked what that is and he explained that’s it’s ‘a bomb stick, like on Hairy Potter, you can fly in the sky on it’. Ah, he means broom-stick! He was a bit upset when I told him that I wouldn’t be able to get one that could fly as they’re imaginary.

I took Lady to her drama class and discovered they were having a show for the parents. Oh heck, I was going to have to sit through that with the 2 boys. Thankfully it was for the 2nd half of the class only as they had to rehearse 1st. I took the boys out to buy a train and a packet of sweets to keep them quiet. The show consisted of all the children showing how they could project their voices and act with their bodies before putting it together to do a short play about a hospital. I missed the play as Duncan decided just then that he needed the toilet. At one stage, the children were sort of chanting in a monotone ‘run, run as fast as you can, you can run faster than Mary and Dan’. Duncan, who had been sitting on the floor playing with his new train until then, pricked up his ears and as soon as the children had finished, he repeated the whole thing in the same monotone voice, really loudly! He also liked it when people clapped. He screws up his whole face, but in a happy way, and clapped and stamped his feet, with little fast steps. Thomas wanted to join the children and right at the end he slipped out of his seat and went to stand beside Lady.

The bothersome thing is, the head-lice beasties are back and this time they’ve taken up residence in Lady’s beautiful thick curls. Oh dear! I definitely underestimated their persistence! I had loads of great advice from the early years home-ed list yesterday and I’m on to them now. It’s Armageddon, you critters!


Anonymous said...

Obviously not cool enough to know what would be the best name for me. You’ll have to ask Duncan who I should be named after.
I’m just making sure that you’re not considering cutting Lady’s gorgeous hair youself like you did for the boys. It’s not allowed!
Speak soon, hugs and kisses to them all xx

Anonymous said...

nits *sigh* Just part of life I am afraid. They never really seem to be gone forever. Ash’s hair is too fine to comb and I’ll be jiggered if I’m putting chemicals on his head (the only thing that really works is to nuke em) so I just groom him outside like a monkey twice a day and pick out the teeeeny tiny eggs and the occasional hatched louse. He loves it actually and it does help. After a week of doing this they are not really there any more. Problem is that you also have to get into the habit of combing the older kids every day and changing pillow cases and all that…and I just cannot be that fastidious all the time. We nuke em occasionally (apart from on Ash’s head), we comb (a lot), use natural deterants (there are so many and none of them work forever), we nuke the hairbrush..but they still come back.

One nit can hop onto a person’s head..not necessarily lay eggs and then crawl onto someone elses head in a hug. I can remember a long time period when we didn’t have nits and then suddenly we had them..but noone around us did…so who did we ‘catch’ them off? If kids in Denmark have nits they get sent home from school. It’s just a pain in the ass. We often feel like social lepers…but short of shaving our hair off (which me friend does to herself and her kids when they get nits) we will never be permanantly free of the crawlies. I know it sounds yukky..but it does seem to be our lot. (Guess I won’t get invited round for tea then?) ;)

Sharon McDaid said...

Hello sis!
You might want to stick with ‘Auntie C’ since lady’s alternative is ‘Mavis’. But hey, you’re family and deserve your own corny engine name too! (There’s LOADS of boy’s names but a serious shortage of girl’s names in the Thomas stories. It’s just not fair!)
I promise not to cut her hair, too much. I have lobbed a bit off the ends though. But it’s still long enough to put into plaits so that’s all that matters there.

Sharon McDaid said...

Hi Elderfairy
You’d be welcome to bring your children and any parastites they might be hosting ;-) , over for tea and buns, any day! So if you’re ever in the Belfast area…