10 Apr 2006

My favourite things

I woke up when Thomas jumped into our bed this morning for his start-the-day cuddle. A few minutes later, Duncan joined the throng. I heard him before I saw him; as usual, he woke up singing! I though to myself what a special child he is, that he just wants to sing for his own pleasure as soon as he’s awake.

It’s been a nice easy day. The children were out in the garden this morning while I did a few outside jobs. It was warm and sunny, then a big black cloud rolled overhead and suddenly, the hailstones were falling. For the rest of the day, the weather varied from sunshine to heavy rain to hail, with a bit of snow thrown in.

Gordon and I sat around this afternoon, listening to The Smiths and using our computers. We were two happy nerds! I had to break off many times to get one or more children a drink/ wipe someone’s bottom/ make some cakes/ draw some pictures/ play ‘chase me!’

Thomas wanted to sit beside me at lunchtime, as always. He looked deep into my eyes with his own big brown eyes and told me it was because ‘I really love you.’ Ah, what a wee Romeo!

I spend lots of time with Lady yesterday. We went shopping together for the groceries and her new shoes. Then in the evening we walked through the forest to the beach. It was lovely. We had a good old delve around in some rock pools and raced each other to the shore. She ran twice as far (at least) as I walked; she was constantly flitting over to examine something. We came home with our pockets full of pretty stones and shells. I picked a limpet shell from a rock pool for her collection, but it was still alive. We had a quick look at its big foot, mouth and tentacles before putting it back in the pool to finish its dinner. I’ve found a page on Enchanted Learning about them so we’ll read it together later. We had a big discussion about the Harry Potter characters and their motivations on the last leg of our walk. She’s such a great person to spend time with. I told her she was my favourite girl in the world (she asked if Auntie C. is my 2nd favourite; I was happy to say yes!).

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Anonymous said...

Such sweet things to treasure. That was a lovely posting :-D