24 Apr 2006

not yet then

After all that transpired at the zoo, I was so tired when we got home and Duncan was so distressed that we snuggled up on the sofa for half an hour together under a blanket while Gordon cooked dinner. He made burgers using some bread dough I’d made earlier and as I told him, it was the tastiest burger I’d ever eaten. I know it was also his way of trying to patch things up and get good feeling back in the family. He went out to PC World next (I wrote that previous post then) and came home feeling much better about things, having had time to think.
I’m not sure why he often feels so ambivalent about home-education, for Lady in particular. When this has happened before (many times) we always talk it out and he always ends up staunchly pro-home-education. He doesn’t have the insights I do regarding the children nor sees what amazing steps they take every day. I tell him, but it’s not the same. He doesn’t spend time with other small children so doesn’t know what is age appropriate.

But he was telling me that when he was with Lady and Thomas at the zoo, he was so impressed with her reading ability as she read and understood the information signs about the animals to Thomas. We’ve decided that we should take the children out separately sometimes. He loves taking Lady to Ju-Jitsu most Saturdays and they usually visit his Mum afterwards and it’s a really nice outing for them both.

There are so many things I know, with a bit more planning, we can do as a family. I will list them, maybe time-table it because that’s how Gordon likes to do things.

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Anonymous said...

Clever girl! I knew you would sash something out! All the best!