28 Apr 2006

Birthday preparations

I wrote a long post last night in bed but I lost it when the laptop ran out of power and it wasn’t saved. Bummer.
It was only my usual waffle about what we’d been doing.

We had a tree-surgeon in to remove 2 big conifers from our garden. They were too close to the house and blocking out light. I took some tea out to the couple doing the work and we had a chat. I explained about Duncan (when he tried to lift the massive chainsaw) that he doesn’t understand much language as he’s autistic. I was surprised at the woman's reaction; she asked if I was able to cope and did I have family to help me out enough. I told her we managed fine and the children all get to see their grandparents quite often. A while later the man mentioned the shocking incident in England where a woman is said to have killed her son and then herself on the Humber Bridge. I was really pissed off at the way that story was reported at the time in a way that made it seem as though it was the boy’s autism (Fragile X really) that caused these 2 deaths and not the woman’s mental illness. I was glad they were able to see Duncan running around having loads of fun with their beautiful Husky dog, which they brought round in the afternoon. It might help change the false perception of autism that the media usually portrays.

We went to W5 on Wednesday and met up with another family. We all had a great time as usual. Duncan loved his lunch of unlimited ice-cream at Pizza Hut, while the rest of us had the more standard piles of pizza and salad. Soon after my friend’s 4 yo son fell and banged his head on a bench. He was bleeding quite a lot so she had to take him to the A&E. Thankfully he was OK. Two of her sons came back with me to our house while she was at the hospital. The children loved having a few extra friends to play with.

On Thursday they all played outside a lot. Lady told me they were playing a game called ‘Wild’. They were all in bare feet and were filthy by the end of the day.

Today I took Lady shopping for everything we need for the party tomorrow. Thomas is going to be 4! I bought a round, 8 foot trampoline with an enclosure. We all helped to put it up this evening. It is a big hit already!

Now, I need to start baking. I’ve a cake and buns to make and I want to make some pizza dough. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, it’ll be the first party we’ve had since moving to this house.

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