3 Mar 2007

How We Dooter

Yesterday was another good day. The children dootered* about (*it's similar to pottering) drawing, reading, playing, learning on the computer and eating. They all played a few games of tag, and a game of their own invention called 'Middle Customer', which appears to involve all 3 of them spinning round while holding hands, each taking turns to be in the middle (the Middle Customer). At one stage Thomas picked up the workbook that held no appeal previously and asked me to show him how to 'do the games'. So I did, and he enjoyed a few simple exercises aimed at improving pen control. Then I did a bit of baking; a batch of buns (almost all eaten - but then they're so much better hot) and a big pile of muffins with oats and raisins. My Mammy would be proud! At bedtime I read to Lady; The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis, with Duncan cuddled beside me. Gordon returned late from Belgium (with chocolate, mmm).

Duncan continues to draw and write for his own pleasure. He needed a bit of help yesterday and asked me 'Mummy get Barnstormer on Google film.' I didn't understand what he meant, and went to the computer, asking him if he wanted me to write 'barn'. But he insisted that he wanted barn-storm-er, and he had tried to type it; bastomer. He told me it is in Disneyland, so I wrote the word he wanted, though I didn't recognise it at all. It turns out to be a roller coaster for young children. He knew exactly what he wanted all along.

Right now, Gordon has taken Lady to Jujitsu. She told us that some of the children in the class have been mean to her, making fun of her when she got the moves wrong. I've encouraged her to tell the Sensei if anyone is bullying her or others. I told her, if anyone is saying stupid or hurtful things, to keep thinking to herself that she does not care what that person says or thinks, and to tell them so. Anyway, she's bound to get the moves wrong sometimes as she's learning. She should see how many times I get it wrong at my salsa class! Gordon is going to watch the class today to see what's happening. I hope it all gets sorted out.


Bank Of Doge said...

dootering - love that :)

Sharon McDaid said...

But do you know the difference between dootering and footering?
(was just explaining this to a friend a few days ago!)