13 Mar 2007

Adiboo Adoration

Duncan is fond of a computer game character called Adiboo. He regularly looks it up on Google, and I have drawn it on request, more than 100 times. Our CD Rom has gone missing, but we still have the case, and Duncan will often carry it round in his little Brum bag with a few other select treasures.

A few days ago, he wanted to make an Adiboo book, so he cut some paper for the book, and I drew Adiboo. I asked him if he wanted to colour it in himself, and he did. I left him to it, and the next day I found the tiny book again. He had coloured it in and written the word 'Adiboo' on the cover.
Inside, he'd drawn 2 more Adiboo pictures, but also drawn the weird brown monster character from the game and the yellow, one-legged, bouncing dog thing. He'd written 'Adiboo' again, and 'Big Thunder Mountain' sideways, in yellow. The letters are a bit disordered since he ran out of space.

On Friday, he designed and produced an Adiboo costume. He wore his little cap inside out (to make the visor bit stick up). He coloured a page in light red (achieved by colouring in yellow, then going over it with pink...got to get it just so!) Then he cut that out and stuck it to his top. He covered a few pages in yellow and stuck one onto his tummy with sticky tape (ouch!) and cut some holes in another to make a mask. The look was pulled together with a pair of tiny blue swimming trunks and his red wellies. And voila, Adiboo!

Now that's imagination!
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Penny L. Richards said...

I'd have to ask my daughter, but I think she's through with Adiboo, and might be willing to let me send you the CD--which game? (She recently let me donate some of her games to a fundraiser rummage sale, so the idea is already planted.)

Sharon McDaid said...

Penny, that's very kind of you, but I don't think it's necessary. He hasn't ever asked to have the CD Rom back though, he seems to prefer the character to the actual game. In fact, he didn't ever play it much when we did have it.

Penny L. Richards said...

Ha! Yeah, it happens like that sometimes. As long as he's enjoying himself...

Elderfaery said...

Gorgeous artwork Duncan!

He's got style:)

Sharon McDaid said...

Hey EF! Nice to hear from you. And yep, the boy has his own, don't give a fig about conformity sorta style!