21 Mar 2007

Classic Thomas Moments

I've just got to record this.
Thomas took some paper and a pen and started to write and after a minute he asked me, 'What does a 'scuh' look like?' He'd written the letter 'B' on his page, and wanted to write 'biscetti', (spaghetti; all 3 of my children called it biscetti for a while). He then decided that 'pasta' was easier to write, so after a bit help with 'stuh', he put that down and handed it to me requesting that I cook some.

Another classic Thomas moment from a last weekend; it was Mother's Day and Gordon's mum came round for lunch. Thomas wanted something, can't remember what it was, but he obviously felt he wasn't being taken at all seriously enough. So he left the room, telling us all that he was going to leave home and go to live in my friend D's house. I asked how he intended to get there (since they live about 20 miles away) and he announced that he would just get a taxi. So there.

Now I know that D is very fond of Thomas, and she is one child down right now, (since one of her boys is on an exchange visit in France) but I'm not sure if she up to adopting another 4 nearly 5 year old!


Maddy said...

Ah! the growing independence ! Hope you enjoyed Mother's Day? We have another few weeks to wait - you should try buying a Mother's Day card 6 weeks in advance of the day in the wrong country!
Best wishes

Deb said...

Two boys down, really... and Thomas is welcome here any time he wants! :-)