18 Aug 2006


We bought Lady a game called Harry Potter scene it? for her birthday. It's a board game with a DVD and tests the players' knowledge on the books and films. We have played it several times, and she keeps winning. I was shocked at the kind of stuff she knew, far more than me! She'd do well on Mastermind with Harry Potter as her specialist subject. She gets a real kick out of her success too.

Thomas loves to play snakes and ladders. We played a couple of games this morning, winning one each. He gets so excited by it all; it's so cute! He explained the rules to me before we started. I thought it was interesting how he was able to recognise the value of each facet of the dice instantly by just looking at the dot patterns.

They decided to do some art work next. Thomas requested 'the materials' and got to work with a sponge and some green paint (green is still his favourite). He showed me his finished product, '8 green fish having a race'. OK then!

Duncan produced a bit of what could be considered an artistic enhancement of our bathroom last night. He had taken loads of toilet roll, wet it, and then flung the piles of mushed up paper at the ceiling. When I saw it, the bathroom ceiling was hung with lots of little papier mache stalactites. Well, it was a more pleasant experiment than his earlier dissection.

He and Lady are painting downstairs right now, so I'd better go check what artistic delights await...

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kristina said...

Stalactites in the bathroom----enhancement sounds the proper term! Hope the painting turned out well.