8 Aug 2006

Marvellous wedding

I had the most fantastic weekend away at my cousin's wedding while Gordon stayed at home with the children.

I drove first to my brother's house, got changed into my dress, had some bacon and eggs, then went with my sister to the church. On the way, a policeman flagged down my car for no reason, and growled at me 'What's the name?'. Now, I'm a good girl and have never been stopped by a policeman before so I was a bit flustered. I had to think for a few seconds, 'the name of what? The car? The street? Oh no, he must mean what's my name' by which time my sister had poked me and I told him. He then asked 'Where from?' Well, lets not waste words here! Again I had to think; do I give my current address or would it be more correct to say where I'm from; my home-town, so I gave that answer and he waved me on. How odd. We speculated that there may have been a crime reported in the area, carried out by 2 women in pretty dresses, who clattered away on high heels before making their getaway in a people carrier.

We arrived at the church minutes later. Crowds of relatives and friends were there, everyone looking gorgeous, especially (of course) the bride. Another cousin is due to have her 2nd baby in 3 weeks, and as I told her, she was the best dressed guest.

The service was lovely, a string quartet provided the beautiful music, and my cousin and her husband were so happy together. Everyone went to my aunt's house for drinks and snacks while some photos were taken, then we went to Donegal town for the reception.

I tried to book into my room at the Central Hotel, but, like 3 other guests, the room had been double booked and we had to make other arrangements. The woman who was supposed to be sorting this out was a grumpy shrew. (If she had just said these 3 little words I am sorry! then we wouldn't have been so bothered cause mistakes can be made, but she was nasty and rude.) So don't stay there!

Now this wedding had the best speeches I've ever heard. The whole lot were done in about 10 minutes! Unusually, they were given before the meal. The groom had written a romantic poem which left all us soft hearted folk with a wee tear in the eye. It took some nerve for him to do that; I'd have thought he'd be worried about the slagging he'd get from his mates. But he is clearly crazy about his wife and their lovely baby son.

The meal was good and the band were excellent and much dancing was done. I had the chance to catch up with various cousins I hadn't seen for ages as they're living abroad. I was delighted to see my youngest cousin for the first time in years. She had come with her girlfriend and we had the best of crack together. I had a fair bit to drink (well, for me) and though I had no trace of a hangover the next day (I've never had one) I was totally hoarse and stiff from too much loud talking and dancing like a teenager. My dancing was described as 'provocative'...ha! It was great to not have to be the sensible mummy for a day!

I had to abandon my car (obviously), and we managed to get a lift back to our brother's house. with yet another cousin. We got in at 4.15 am, wahey!

I woke up at my normal time the next day and went for a walk to the corner shop for more bacon and eggs, as I needed some fresh air and exercise. We went back to Donegal later on Sunday where we met some of those who had stayed over, and where my other brother came to meet us with his family. That was another nice afternoon.

I had a long drive alone to get home. When I got back I was bowled over by hugs. Thomas said 'Oh Mummy, I was so worried about you. I really missed you!' Duncan was a bit overwrought and told me to go away and said he was 'not happy'. (Gordon had been asking him if he would be happy to see me.) After he was done being a bit angry with me, he came up to sit on my lap and he cuddled in and cried for a while, after which he was OK. Gordon told me they had all had a lovely time together. It's nice that they are all old enough to enjoy being with him, and don't suffer any from my short absence.

I did miss them, but boy, did I enjoy my short time away.


Anonymous said...

I loved this post so much..it was almost like being there you described the day so well! So much so that I had to break my 'one comment a day' rule! It sounds like a lovely wedding:)

Funny about the 'What's the name?' thing....I was almost giggling about it..but it would have scared the whatsits out of me;)

Anonymous said...

LOL at you glam girls being stopped by the police! You're not a real hard nut until you've been breathalysed though ;-)

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks EF. The cop thing was weird. Though we were in an area that had seen lots of action in the bad old days.
It gave me a good story to tell at the wedding though (even if it became somewhat embellished!).

Sharon McDaid said...

Well Deb, you're just a rough'un!

I wouldn't drink a thing when I'm driving, so the breathalyser shouldn't ever cause a problem. It's strange how being asked to 'prove' your innocence can make you feel all shaky and guilty though (or is that just me?).

Anonymous said...

I nver drink at all, driving or not. I got breathalysed a couple of weeks ago though, when the bloke ran into the car that ran into me LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh it sounded a brilliant time despite the police and nasty shrew.

Sharon McDaid said...

Whoops! Just to confirm, Deb is NOT a rough'un, she is a very well behaved woman who was only breathalysed when 2 cars near her collided and then one of them swung round and bumped her stationary car.
Right, don't want to damage your good blog reputation Deb!

Whereas me, I'm trying to make up for a well spent youth.

Anonymous said...

"don't want to ruin your blog reputation" - then stop calling me well-behaved! LOL