4 Aug 2006

Cars and friends

Last Friday, we went to a playground and met up with another (relatively) local home-educating friend. Lady played with her 4yo daughter, after some initial shyness. Thomas went off and scaled the really high climbing frame, with all these much bigger children. He then joined a queue of 10-15 year olds from group outing, to ride the slide-along-the-rope-thing; the same one he was terrified of last year. This time he was marshaling all these big kids into helping him reach the seat, and getting them to push him along at top speed. Duncan climbed and slid and spun, but most of all he played with the sand.

An ice-cream van drove in while we were there; I braced myself for the tantrum, but it didn't happen. 20 mins passed before Duncan noticed the van was there, then he ran straight towards it. I (as usual) dashed after him. I passed a man who called out something like 'bet he keeps you fit!'; I get that sort of comment a lot when I'm out with Duncan.

So he asked for an ice-cream, I told him I had no money, so no ice-cream. He said, 'Get the money.' I said, 'The money is at home. Sorry, no money, no ice-cream.' He looked hard at me for a few minutes, thinking about this, then ran off to play. Whew, that was easy!

On Saturday, we had another family outing to the cinema, this time to see Cars. The film was great, but didn't hold Duncan's attention so well and he was quite fidgety towards the end.

Talking of cars, ours failed the MOT; faulty rear number plate light and fog lights. I'd taken it to a local garage for a pre-test check too, you think he'd have picked up on those faults. Bah!

But some good news, we had a meeting with the local NAS befriender scheme coordinator and the woman who had volunteered to befriend Duncan. She seems really nice. She will probably come here every week or so to spend time with Duncan, just playing and having fun together. There's no other agenda than that.

Right. I'd really better get sorted. I'm heading off to my cousin's wedding tomorrow in my home town. The children will be left in their father's capable hands while I'm kicking up a storm on the dance floor (and I'm staying the night in the reception hotel too- lie in! Undisturbed breakfast!) It promises to be a big, rambunctious Irish wedding and I can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself---and the breakfast! Glad to hear Duncan handled the appearance of the ice cream man so well; I've never pointed out those trucks to Charlie, as he's allergic to milk and it would cause a huge fuss to tell him "no, you can't have it." I didn't think Charlie would like Cars too much---think we will pass over it.

Aspie Bird said...

Enjoy the wedding! Have a good time!

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks folk!
I somehow think I am going to have a lot of fun tomorrow.