1 Mar 2006

Ice and snow

We had a few flurries of snow and hail today. Duncan was very excited by it and really wanted a closer look, ‘snow and ice, Ice Age!’. So the children all went out to the garden to play. Lady squashed up a few handfuls into ice balls and stuck one into the freezer to show Daddy later. I’m sure he was thrilled. ;-)

I was a bit stressed today. The never ending mess and cleaning was getting to me. Lady and Thomas were bickering with each other a bit more than usual too, though they were really only picking up on my negativity. Duncan, bless him, was easier than the other two. He is blossoming. When Gordon was going off to work this morning he said bye to Duncan who chirruped back, ‘bye Daddy, goodbye!’ followed a minute later by ‘where are you going?’. Gordon said that he’s going to work and Duncan pondered that, ‘Daddy go to work. Daddy go on train.’ Now this is another first for him. He’s never asked a question like that before.

Lady did lots of learning today, writing and maths and reading. She’s reading ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ aloud and is really proud of herself; a proper chapter book! She’s enjoying the BBC Jam site still and also spent a bit of time on her favourite, the Chronicles of Narnia site. The boys were chuckling away at the Tweenies on cbeebies. They keep making mistakes on purpose because they love it when the characters say ‘whoops a daisy!’.
Duncan was watching ‘Chicken Run’ earlier. He was watching the same bit over and over, and then he ran off and got a toy sword and was copying the nasty woman trying to chop the chicken. He kept putting two fingers into his mouth and stretching his mouth out, then I realised he was trying to look like a wide-mouthed Nick Parks character. :-)


Anonymous said...

Yep kwym about the never ending mess! It got to me last week so I had a big clear out!

Anonymous said...

Re the mess, I hear you there! We’ve had tons of snow and ice here and frankly between picking up dirty melted snow in my front entryway, and falling on my bum trying to get my kids in the car, I’m ready to pack up the bags and head to Cuba! Cha cha cha!!!

Christian has been talking just like your Duncan too! Though he is getting Speach Therapy, I think he is simply developing at his own rate, just like other autistic children. Yesterday I was listening to him as he was role playing with his toy killer whale and lobster (he’s REALLY into sea creatures). Lobster was spraying water on killer whale and killer whale was telling him off good. Most of what he was saying I couldn’t understand (which doesn’t mean they weren’t words. He has alot of motor planning difficulties, especially with talking), but whatever I could was plain hilarious. “Lobster: What’s wrong?” “Killer Whale: “Lobster!! That’s not fair!!” “Oh Killer Whale!” “Lobster!! Stop that!”

I was rolling around laughing so hard. It felt very good. I just love my boys!!

Have a great day!


Sharon McDaid said...

Hi Amanda, I’d be able to clear out more if I didn’t think that 6 months from now, Duncan’ll be asking me for some obscure bit of plastic junk!
But, I’ve still managed to clear out a box of stuff for the charity shop and I’ve bought a few new storage boxes. I will not be beaten!!

Chantal, that’s a great story! Christian is a star!

Sharon McDaid said...

Oh I meant to say, Chantal, that what I called ’snow’ would fill a Canadian with derision. You would have more snow in the treads of your boots than we had over the whole garden!