10 Mar 2006


We’ve got head lice, this has never happened here before. Thomas is the main victim. I discovered them when I was combing his hair after their bath today. I saw one louse but no nits on Duncan and none at all on Lady. I had loads in my hair too, Yuk yuk!
I suppose it was going to happen at some stage!

More bad news. I also got a letter from the education board today about home-educating Duncan. It contained this sentence,

“You will be aware that because Ryan is of compulsory school age, both the Board and yourself must have regard to the law which places a duty of parents to secure the regular attendance at school of their child.”

How about that for great writing! Then she goes on to ask me to provide written details of how I intend to educate him according to age, aptitude, ability and taking his special needs into account. So it’s a bit mixed up. First, she falsely says I have to send him to school then she’s asking for evidence of how I will educate him.
I’ll send in an educational philosophy and they will have to give consent to de-register him, or try to prove that no child can be de-registered here in NI. Then we’ll square up for a good battle!


Anonymous said...

Don’t worry, be calm. Am eating the magnum icecream I found at the back of our freezer…so it’s easy for me to say that. seriously…what that woman wrote was bollox..they just love to scare. has the law changed? no. you can still home ed. (have to write without capitals due to typing with one hand cos stuffing my fat gate with magnum)..anyways..don’t get fired up..save your energy..you are within your rights and they are pompous lunatics that are trying to put you down. ignore their scare tactics. you decided to home ed your children after a long careful journey..as mae west said: “Keep cool…..and collect!” Sending you love and strength and a miniscule raising of my eyebrow in the direction of the authorities that says: “Don’t f*** with her…she knows what she is doing and you do not!”

Sharon McDaid said...

Re. home-ed and the authorities; I’m not worried about THAT! (I think she’s just a bit mixed-up.) There is a bit of concern though about de-registering children to home-ed here in NI anyway. Our case might help to force the authorities to come out and state their official position. I’m writing an educational philosophy to send them. If they still won’t deregister him, they’ll have a fight on their hands with me and my scary friend. If she reads this, she’ll know who I mean ;-)

I’m more freaked out about the critters in our hair! I think we’re winning that one anyway!
Thanks for your faith in my ability to deal with the bullsh*tters!

Anonymous said...

Ooohh! The nits! Yeah..I am a bit mixed up..I realised I went round a few posts last night and placed some totally innappropriate comments…am having an extremely protracted week of pmt…and am totally wierd with it. About the lice. We’re normally crawling with them about 1/8 of the time. Ours are so big they have hob nailed boots on. Totally gross…we comb with the lice comb 5 billion times a week (I’m not exagerrating) and they still come back every now and then. Just be grateful you haven’t experienced thread worms and nits at the same time (no comment…it’s just I once had this FRIEND and she said it was hell….). Ah the joys of family living…..*sigh*

Sharon McDaid said...

Worms and nits, oh that sounds …em, delightful!
Also, when I wrote ‘I think she’s a bit mixed-up’ I meant the ed-board woman who had written to me; not you my dear! I’m sorry, I must have sounded so rude.
But you can be mixed-up too if you want to. You have every right to be!

Anonymous said...

ROFL! I am mixed up! ROFL!