3 Mar 2006

Introducing the Baroness

The boys came in for their morning cuddle, and as usual Thomas greeted me with, ‘good morning Mummy’. He then told me about his dream- he was in W5 and he was on the moving stairs and there were nasty trains and purple spiders and there were lots of girls and boys and the boys were saving the girls (eh?) and he was flying but he had no cloak. Whew!!
Duncan was wearing his favourite top today. It’s black with red sleeves, and a red and yellow logo on the front. He got me to draw a picture of himself wearing the top and his red wellies. He checked that I got all the details right. Then I had to roll it into a tube and tape it and he carried it around the rest of the day. When Gordon phoned home, Duncan was keen to tell him about the picture.
Duncan has usually been carrying some small object around with him ever since he could grip. When he was only about 9 months old, he wanted to take a bottle of Olbas Oil to bed with him. It comes in a small glass bottle with a pointed white plastic lid. I tried to get him to accept all sorts of substitutes but he was adamant that he wanted that bottle. I think I let him hold it; I just stayed near by and took it off him when he finally went to sleep.
They all had a ‘superbath’ this evening. They were in there for ages with a pile of toys. Duncan was playing with a pair of small baby dolls and I heard him have one say to the other ‘oh, you mus be ba-on-ess Sheider’. I had no idea what this was but Lady kindly translated, ‘he’s saying, ‘oh you must be Baroness Schneider’, it’s from the Sound of Music’. Well, that’s an unusual thing for a 5 year old boy to say, but, welcome to our world!

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