4 Mar 2006

Can this last?

We’re having one good day after another with all the children and especially Duncan. Gordon was asking me a few days ago if I could pin-point what we’re doing different right now, i.e. had Duncan expanded his diet? It’s obvious that what's changed is that he hasn’t been to school since 15 Feb. He isn’t struggling to conform to an imposed routine. He can go run round, or bounce on a bed, or have a big hug when he feels the need. He can play on the computer for as long as he wants, and is giving way to Lady and Thomas when I tell him that they want a turn. He can bring me a book to read or ask me to draw a picture any time and there’s usually a good chance that I will be able to oblige fairly soon after. His use of spoken language is increasing daily. He is playing with his siblings more than ever, frequently seeking them out to play some game or other. He has more fun with them than alone most of the time, and if he ever wants to lie on his bedroom floor and play with trains, then he can do so.

We went to their Grandma’s house today while Lady was at Ju-Jitsu and Duncan was much happier than last week. He asked for a new train but readily accepted that I just wasn’t going to get one. The boys chased each other and played with an ABC puzzle. They were loud though! I don’t notice it so much in our house which is bigger, but I’m also always a bit worried about how their poor Grandma is coping. She lives alone and loves her peace and quiet. She says it’s OK though in small doses!
Lady informed me that she beat a green belt child in the wrestling (or whatever it’s called) at the end of Ju-Jitsu and one of the other girls came to tell me how great she’d been! She’s told me she has a grading at the end of the month. It seems a bit soon to me but whatever, she’s enjoying it. (Her real name was inspired by an a** kicking TV character!)

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