28 Mar 2006

Counting the hours

We’re off to Rome tomorrow morning. We fly at 6.20am so we’ll stay in the airport hotel tonight. My Dad will be staying here and looking after the children. We really, really need to get away for a few days together.

I had been strained and tired and emotional over the weekend. Duncan is very sensitive to my mood. He gets so upset to see me sad and cuddles me and says, ‘No Mummy sad, Mummy happy.’ One time, he fetched a tissue and wiped my sad eyes. But the confusion also made him extra demanding.

Sunday was Mothers Day and Lady had made a beautiful card. After breakfast, we all worked together to clean the house for a while. I didn’t want to leave it looking too messy as my Dad would be staying over for a few days. Gordon cooked and his Mum came over for lunch. Duncan has been asking us to buy a particular train for a few days and he had convinced himself that Gordon would have it when he drove his Mum to our house. When he didn’t, Duncan expressed his BIG anger and made a lot of noise. I took him upstairs to help him deal with it and to get him away from my MIL who I knew would be shocked at his behaviour. While there, Gordon came to tell me that his Mum was very upset about Duncan and was worried it might be her fault. I can tell you this was not the thing to say just then. I asked him to explain to her the nature of Duncan’s disability and could people not have a bit more understanding and it isn’t about THEM. Well, we all calmed down after a while and had the delicious lunch Gordon had prepared.

On Monday we all went to the transport museum and had a good work out running after Duncan. Afterwards, we all got chips at the chippie and ate by the sea.

Today (Tuesday) I’ve been clothes shopping and had my hair cut and I’m running round like crazy trying to get clothes washed and everything ready to unleash my children on my father for a few days. I explained to them all that we’d be going away for a few days and the Granda would be looking after them. I told them I’d get them all a present. I’d already bought the correct train for Duncan! I drew a little cartoon for him to describe what would be happening over the next few days. I’ll get round to packing for myself eventually I’m sure!
I can’t flicking wait to go!

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