8 May 2009

Doctor distractions

Been lacking blog juice lately as my brain ponders a whole heap of stuff. Thomas has gone with his dad and grandmother to Oxford for a few days. They'll all be home tomorrow. He is having a good time, enjoyed the Star Trek film last night. (I want to go see it myself some day too.)

I popped into see the GP yesterday, had a mole on my arm I wanted checked out. I didn't think it looked too scary but thought it best to be overcautious. Duncan and Lady came with me. Duncan pranced around the doctor's room looking for the Thomas trains, for surely, every doctor has some stashed in a box somewhere? Sadly, they weren't to be found so he hopped onto the examination bed, grabbed the pillow and telling us all about his discoveries, lay down for a few seconds. All the while I was talking with the doctor. To distract him (Duncan I mean) I asked him to look at the eye test letter chart and to read the letters. Instead of naming each letter, he made words of each line, "zee not, dosap..."

The doc laughed, and remarked on what a clever boy he is.
And my mole is entirely benign, I'm just to photo it so as to track possible changes.


Lisamaree said...

Good on you for getting it checked out. When you take a photo put a coin next to it so you can keep perspective on the size. xx

Sharon McDaid said...

Oh you are so smart! I'll do that.

Grannymar said...

I was going to suggest a ruler.

Very sensible to have the mole checked out.

Grannymar said...

I was going to suggest a ruler.

Very sensible to have the mole checked out.

AnnB said...

Great idea with the coin - I had two of them removed, both harmless; and well worth it for the 'better safe than sorry' relief.

I've been a firm fan of factor 50 sun cream ever since!

Jean said...

had one removed myself last year...good on you for not forgetting about yourself xxx

Club 166 said...

Glad to hear that you have nothing to worry about.

I haven't seen the Trek film yet, but here's a little something that might give you a chuckle while you're waiting to go see it.