14 May 2009

The Considered Opinions of Thomas, aged 7

Me-Can I ask you a few questions about your life and then write your answers down on my blog so people can read them?

Tell me about your favourite things.
The best things for me are going out places and...no...going to Disneyland, I mean World. Going to Disney World on holiday is the best. And I like going out places too.

Where do you like to go?

What else do you enjoy doing?
Playing with my friends.

How often do you see them?
Almost every day, but not the friends we have to drive to see.

What do you like doing in the house?
I like watching TV and eating grapes.

Do you like having Lady and Duncan as your big brother and sister.
Well...some of the time.

Do you know what Duncan's disability is called?
Yes, it's autism. It mean that he's autistic.

What does that mean, do you know?
It's harder for him to know things.

What sort of things?
It's harder for him to do what I tell him to.

Do you think autism makes him better at anything as well?
He's better at running and he's better at using the computer.

What is it like having Duncan as your brother?
I wish he wasn't autistic then he could play with me more. But I like playing chase with him.

How do you play that?
It's like ordinary tag, I run after him and we do loads of laughing and screaming.

Yes, the two of you make a lot of noise sometimes at night when I want you to go to sleep!
That's enough questions now Mummy.

OK then. Thanks!


kathleen said...

Watching t.v. and eating grapes are two of lifes joys!

Jean said...

the honesty of kids!...he "sometimes" likes his brother and sister...i love that XXX

Grannymar said...

Of course it was enough questions, you asked t-w-e-l-v-e!

Great answers Thomas.

AnnB said...

He sounds like a very wise young man!

bullet said...

He sounds lovely :D.

Sharon McDaid said...

He's a sharp wee fella.
Notice how he's annoyed at Duncan for not doing what he tells him to!
Thomas will try to get Duncan to play something with him and sometimes he will but other times he'll just ignore him. Duncan won't pay any attention to anyone trying to coerce him to do what he doesn't want to.

I forgot to include his highs and lows of home-education, the worst thing about HE is that you don't get to have all the different types of junk food in your house, apparently...and the best thing is spending time with your family. So we must be doing something right!

Lisa said...

Brilliant. When is Oprah going to give him his own talk show?

jazzygal said...

Ah kids....doncha just love 'em?!

Well done Thomas...such clever answers. I too loved that Duncan wouldn't do what he told him!

I loved Duncan's clever reading of the eye chart too!

Oh....and good idea about photographing the mole. I too went to my doc recently about the same thing. An age old mole that now bleeds a bit from time to time. It's ok though. Think I'll get the camera out though...thanks! xx J

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine him being
all serious answering your questions. He's a very clever little boy. LOL Cathy xx