26 Feb 2009

Irish Blog Awards- top blogs I discovered

While reading various blogs in the past month or so as part of my duties as one of the many judges, I encountered so many blogs I didn't know existed, not so surprising I know! A few were utterly dire, clearly I won't link to these, but some of them I loved.

Fist of all Daddy or Chips? which seems to be a magpie sort of blog picking up on fun, pretty and shiny things. I'm happy to be corrected if I'm missing layers of deeper meaning, some sort of rage against the system. It's got pop and well built men and more pop and I liked it a lot.

Next I want to highlight Stranded on Gaia which somehow I'd not read before. It's a popular blog, frequently updated with funny as hell stories and rants and some top quality swearing. I'll be back.

I discovered what might be the most beautiful blog of the lot, Lickable Wallpaper. It's by an Irish couple who did the most marvellous thing; quit jobs and everyday safe life to travel the world. The blog records their journey with fantastic photos and makes me so very jealous. (If you're reading Cathy, you'll love this one.)

I met Eddie at 4am or so after the awards when just 4 of us remained sitting around the skewed world-map table (Ireland was shown as x2 times Britain's size) and talking until the cleaners arrived the next morning. We only went to bed in case we were given a cloth and some polish.

I don't know what they're going to do now they have come back home, but I think it would a shame to let such a great blog sit untended.
So Eddie, g'wan and get back to it.

I looked at many amazing photoblogs. These people are all astonishingly talented, but one of those that I loved and which didn't make the shortlist was venividi, a blog by a Polish person living in Cork. I'm no photographer (which I hope doesn't make my praise too limited!) but I thought the images presented were amazing, telling stories, captivating and making me wonder what was happening and wanting to know more about the subject. There was a lively discussion on each post some in Polish and some in English.

Many of the photos were taken in Cork so as I walked around the city on Friday and Saturday, it seemed at times to be that bit more familiar as I spotted scenes and places I'd seen in the blog.

I may think of more in time but that'll do for now. Good on you all for what you've created.


Lisa said...

That is sweet that you felt you knew the place before you got there because of a talented photo blogger. That is what blogging should be all about. Check out Gingerpixel too. Then you will know your way around Greystones if you ever come and visit.

Sharon McDaid said...

Hi Lisa, I know Gingerpixel already, it's a beautiful blog and I met Claire and her husband at the weekend. Many times this weekend I was asked if I knew about a certain kick-ass Aussie woman/blogger/mum. I had no idea who they were talking about ;-)
I forgot to hassle you beforehand to come too, you'd have loved it. You, Nick and me could have bent the ears of everyone about our kids and issues! Nick and I did our best without you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!

Thanks very much for the kind words - I think I should use your description as my new tag line "pop and well built men and more pop".

Congratulations on your deserved win!


Sharon McDaid said...

Hi DoC, so nothing about the hidden layers and depths then?

And thanks, I won it last year, this year I just had a heck of a good time taking part.

Cycles Goff said...

Popular eh? I can tell you haven't hacked into my statcounter.

Thank you for the kind link.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you again. It's probably the best thing that can happen - to someone like me, trying to share his view of a foreign place - to read something like that from a stranger.
I'm very happy that I made Cork a bit more familiar to you :)
And no, not being a photographer "doesn't make my praise too limited!". In a way, it makes it much more important.

All the best in everything, Sharon.

Anonymous said...

Depths? Hidden layers? Put it this way: if you were to fall in to my blog, it is highly unlikely that you would drown.


Sharon McDaid said...

@gimme, it looked like you're well stocked with comment dealers to me, creating an image of a well read, lively blog. Don't go destroying the illusion!

@jedrzej, oh good. I am going to be telling everyone about your blog as I keep going back to it and looking through random photos. They are all so beautiful, crisp, quirky and captivating. My brother and husband also rate them highly and they've got a better eye for photograph quality than I do. Though, I appreciate your accepting praise from my own, less informed eyes too!

@DoC, ha ha! And isn't it perfect just like that?