25 Feb 2009

Kissing Maid Marian

Duncan continues to draw and make films on the computer. Usually these days, he is dressed in his short green trousers, and a green t-shirt he customised with a pair of scissors, cutting the sleeves shot and shaping the shirt bottom to medieval style zig-zags, finished off with a yellow hard hat. He got a grey fleece hat a few days ago, and asked me to "read it" (name it) and now he wants me to buy a yellow fleece hat with a bright red feather.

Many times he has presented me with the camera and asked me to take a photo "like that" as he does some move or other. It's videos he wants, not photos and I've made a dozen or so in the past few days. He takes the files and uses movie-making software to add a few effects, text and music then gets me to upload them on YouTube. A few times I've forgotten to log out of my YouTube account on his computer and he has renamed a file or deleted a film. Yesterday however he uploaded 2 films I had never even seen. He did everything in these entirely unaided.

The first is another in his Pinocchio series. He has combined screenshots and downloaded Disney images with his own pictures and set the lot to music from Disney's Dinosaur soundtrack. It seems he has been inspired by an evil Pinocchio YouTube film. He's got screen grabs of this video- I'm going to have to try explaining copyright soon! I hope the maker of that film isn't bothered by having his images used...

The 2nd film is part 10 of the Robin Hood series. In this, he's had me or someone else film him. For most of the film he's trying to kiss Lady, who he's deemed to be Maid Marian, but his hat keeps falling off. he keeps on trying, pausing only to replace the hat and wipe his mouth until he comes up with the solution. Lady and I are cracking up laughing throughout, but he decided in his wisdom to overlay a bit of Black Eyed Peas music. It's a hoot.

He gets his girl in the end.

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The Biologista said...

Awesome video with a great choice of music! Most importantly, a sharp outfit- although that hat seems troublesome.