5 Dec 2008

Question for Dubliners

Have you any ideas on where I could take my husband for a good meal and a nice evening out in Dublin this Sunday? It's his birthday, so my dad's going to babysit overnight* and we'll be taking the train down (Down to Dublin) and staying at Brooks hotel on Drury St, so somewhere a tipsy stagger away would be nice. I see there's a restaurant in the hotel, which is probably fine but there's often a better atmosphere in other establishments.

I'm not looking for anything fancy, just so long as the food (and the crack, oh fine Miche, craic) is great we'll be happy. It seems loads of places are closed on Sunday evenings too; curses on them.

*thereby crushing the perception that life after birthing a disabled child is damaged forever.


Anonymous said...

That hotel is in a good location actually, a lot of my customers stay there when they visit Dublin.

There's a Frence place on Fade St. very very close to the hotel (about 50 meters) but I forget the name. Very nice. A bit pricey.

There's also Salamanca (relatively new, Spanish tapas) and Trocadero (old reliable, Frence) on St. Andrew's street, just up the road. You should reserve a table.

There are a few options on George's st, which is paralell to Drury St., nothing amazing or anything but a nice Chinese called Good World.

I also really like Wagamama under St. Stephen's Green centre, and Aya japanese on Clarendon St.
Saba Thai is nice also, if a bit noisy sometimes.

Sharon McDaid said...

Mark, thanks so much for all the tips. Wagamama is a good one to condsider, we used to go there often when we lived in London. If we do, then we'll need a nice pub or something to hang out in after as you don't really linger over your noodles in the Wagamama canteen.

Anonymous said...

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri 5.30-11.30pm;
Sunday 5.30-11.30pm

The Cedar Tree Lebanese Restaurant
11a St Andrew St
Dublin 2
Tel: +353 (1) 677 2121

Hi Sharon,
I ate at this lovely restaurant in March. Very good Lebanese food and it is just around the corner.

Enjoy the night.


Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks Trevor, that sounds perfect. I'll give them a a call.

Anonymous said...

Sharon enjoy the break. I have eaten in Salamanca several times, usually with a large group.

Anytime I eat in Dublin the arrangements are made for me and I am dropped off at the door. Nearly time I went down again to be papmered!

John Braine said...

I second all those. I love Salamanca and the Cedar Tree.

My latest favourite is the Mill Stone, across from the Central bank on Dame st. Nice lively atmosphere, with live guitar playing. Some interesting items, like wild boar bangers and mash, and Ostrich burgers.

John Braine said...

Meant to mention a good resource for checking out menus, locations, reviews etc: http://www.menupages.ie

Sharon McDaid said...

Grannymar, thanks for your recommendation too. And sure you're blogger royalty, you should be treated well wherever you go!

I've seen there's to be a Dublin Xmas dinner, perhaps we've time to sort out something in Belfast too?

John, thank you for those tips and the website.

Anonymous said...

cheers for spelling it properly just for me cuz. Mx

Dermot said...

Lots of options

On Georges St just around the corner - Good World Chinese.

Jaipur really excellent Indian also on Georges st.

Market Bar just off Georges st has great tapas style (very high vaulted ceiling as well)

If pizza or pasta try Gotham Cafe on St Anne St just off Grafton St and 5 mins walk from Hotel.

The french place is called l'gueuleton (comes recommended though I haven't eaten there - I have everywhere else)

If you google the bridgestone guide they have a number of recommendations in the area which all stack up.


Sharon McDaid said...

@Miche the Anonymous, you're welcome. I've just got to follow the fashion I suppose.

@Dermot, thanks for those. I've now been and am back home. We only stayed a night, but it's more information for the next time.