24 Dec 2008

Christmas Preparations

Happy Christmas to anyone who reads this blog. I love writing it and knowing I've got a record of some of the family's exploits, as well as my rants about this and that. I've been at it for almost 3 years now and wonder when I'll have had enough.

Lady has got some of the neighbourhood kids in for a Christmas party right now. She's made popcorn and rice crispy buns, and is playing a selection of top tunes on YouTube as they dance about. Simple pleasures eh?

Gordon is off for a run with Pippi. He's been preparing for tomorrow's dinner while I wrap the children's gifts and sort out rooms, trying to prepare a bit of space for the new clutter due to join us tomorrow morning. He'll be cooking turkey with pork belly. The pork skin's got a nipple. I feel slightly freaked out by this evidence of it's mammalian beginnings.

Duncan has been playing Zoombinis and re-reading the little book we made together called "Christmas Days" depicting the expected events of tomorrow. Thankfully I managed to source a cuckoo clock, and it's rather fine, even if it's not quite authentic and requires batteries. At least it's got a white bird and the pendulum (so I've been assured) does move so it should tick all Duncan's boxes. I might cheat and make a little label saying it was made in the Black Forest. Ah, stooping to forgery to please my son!

I'll bring all the gifts down tonight last thing. We don't leave presents under the tree here, one little boy would find it too difficult to resist ripping them open to seek the clock and other items he so desires.

One more thing, I have to get in a bit of a boast about Lady and Thomas and how well they did at their gymnastics competition. Thomas won all the gold medals for his age group surprising me with how hard he concentrated and how much effort he put in. Lady didn't win any medals, the standard was so much higher for the 10 year old competitors, but Gordon and I both got to see her performance and she did really well. She's strong and has great poise and grace. She desperately wants to go to more lessons and improve, so she can do that after Christmas. It was a pleasure to watch them both. I never realised that either of them are really any good! I usually drop them off outside the hall as I always have Duncan with me in the car and I don't like to take him in there. Lady was sad at first, especially since Thomas had done so well, but she's OK now and feels a bit more hopeful about the next competition.

Thomas was just a picture of pride and joy as he stood in the middle of the podium 3 times. On the last time, he tuned to us, his face beaming and gave us 2 thumbs up. It was a nice thing to see.


Nick McGivney said...

Warmest Christmas wishes to ye all.

Anonymous said...

May your day tomorrow be special and the year ahead full of good times.

See you in Cork.

Lisa said...

Happy Festivus, that's brilliant about the gymnastics competition. I feel a bit sad for Lady but I am sure she knows what will be needed next time. And great for Thomas.

Gymnastics? wonder what Bratty would make of that?

Hmm, Cuckoo clock. Why was my childhood full of such kitsch which is now probaly worth 14 squillion dollars? My dad used to make audio tapes with microphones and the durned cuckoo was always in the background. JCSS with cuckoo while Judas is contemplating his downfall? hmmm

We had a delayed decoration too, with presents brought out of the closets well after breakfast. Of course, now Bratty thinks that Zoe monster, The Count, Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird live on the mantlepeice; she won't let them in her room!

Happy Festivus Sharon.

jypsy said...

Merry Christmas!

Club 166 said...

A belated Happy Christmas to you and yours. It sounds like everything is going very well with you.

All the best for the new year.


Anonymous said...

What a pleasure it is to read your blog, Sharon. I hope you will not tire of it soon.

My sincere congratulations on the accomplishments of Lady and Thomas in gymnastics. When an activity works for kid, it works!

How neat that you found a cuckoo clock! Will you be telling us where and how and how much? Or just show a picture of Duncan with his new favorite thing, please.

I look forward to reading your next post, and many more in the New Year!

Sharon McDaid said...

By gum, I've not even replied to any of you good folk yet.

@Nick, thanks for the warm wishes. I hope you had the greatest time over the holidays.

@Grannymar, I'm hoping for a good year. In fact I'm going to make damned sure of it! I'm very excited about Cork in Feb.

@Lisa, the competition is all part of life and learning. Duncan'd be great at the climbing/balancing.flexibility aspects of gymnastics. He'd have some difficulty with the strength parts (possibly) but major problems with the idea of following instruction and being part of a class all doing the same thing in order. I know as we tried.
It's funny about Bratty! Things must be as they should be, eh?!
Sounds like a new version of JCSS there; would've been better if the cuckoo had struck 3 when Peter catches on.

@jypsy and Joe, Happy New Year to you!

@Barbara, thanks for your kind words, I appreciate how you often take the time to comment and provide encouragement and advice.