2 Dec 2008

Get outta the pool

It was just too cold. We managed to stay in for about 5 minutes. Duncan had me pull him around, going from side to side (good arm work out) and Lady obliged to play the role of the crocodile leading to squeals of delight when she closed in. But suddenly he climbed out and headed, hunched and shivering, to the stand of showers. I turned the shower on and he stood under. Thomas joined us, then Lady came to complain at being left alone. The boys wouldn't get back in. I told Lady I'd take her swimming one evening without them.

So we get dressed again and as I leave, I tell the man at reception that the water in the learner pool felt colder than usual, he said he'd look into it. It's probably just because the air temperature is so low. Well, it was a heck of a lot of effort for 5 minutes of swim time.

I'll have to find us another activity until the weather improves round here.

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