19 Dec 2008

A sense of style

Lady has cared about how she looks for a long time. Since she was a toddler she has chosen most of her outfits though often when she was younger, she'd mix it up in clashing colours that had me rolling my eyes and envying her nice, neat, pristine and coordinated friends. But I usually let her make that decision, knowing there were plenty of other battles that I had to win. As she's grown, she has developed a cool and easy style and always looks good. She's so different from myself at her age, when I had no confidence about clothes and hated shopping, worrying about what my friends might think about what I wore, and just having no idea what looked good on me.

Thomas too likes to dress to impress, and gave me shopping instructions for the Big Family Christmas Party we're going to on Sunday; black trousers and a button down shirt. He's not gone too far into junior meterosexual territory yet, hasn't asked for hair gel or anything, but he makes an effort now and then.

So far, Duncan has only worried about clothes when he's been dressing up. Then he'd pull together a look using stuff from his dressing up box, but also the drawers and wardrobes of all the family, if he thought it fit the part.

But when we were in Florida, I was buying tops for the children, and he picked a couple that he wanted. One was a Spiderman shirt printed with a picture of a rippling chest, which looks so funny on his skinny frame. But hey, he wanted that one. He also chose a bright Disney shirt and has worn it often since we got home.

I've usually laid an outfit out for him each morning, but more often than not he wears what he wants. Recently there was another new development. We were in the supermarket, home to dough-nuts, sweets, crisps, DVDs and toys and so full of temptations for a boy like Duncan. He looked at these in turn, chose a packet of gum, examined as usual the case of the much wanted but at the same time feared Dinosaur DVD, then said, "go see boy's things" and walked off to the clothes section! I wasn't expecting that. He liked the look of shirt/waistcoat combo, saying it was a "Lord of the Rings top." (Lady's just explained why; he's seen clips of the Hobbits on YouTube.) But he opted instead for a stripped and very handsome looking shirt, and a Superman T-shirt. Now he has a special outfit for the party too.

I just need to think about what I'll be wearing now. I can't let my fashionable children down.


Anonymous said...

Sharon, Give it a year or two and they will be telling TOU what to wear!

Enjoy the party that life is and the one on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

You always look well cuz! Hope to see you all on Sunday.
Miche xx

Sharon McDaid said...

Grannymar, I don't have to wait, they're already giving me advice!

Gee thanks Miche. I've improved since my teenage years, as those Facebook pics prove!

Lisa said...

Oh Sharon that is amazing, I LOVE THAT!

Send him down here and we will go and do Zara and H&M together.

ps check this out

Sharon McDaid said...

@Lisa, the thought of Duncan tearing around Zara and H&M makes me giggle. He'd be looking for film references; one dress is like "the wicked queen in Snow White" another top is like "Jessie from Toy Story."

Thanks for the anti-Jenny site. I've seen it and it's a good'un.

Lisa said...

I suggest you direct Duncan to "Make Do Style" Blog; she is always pulling on film references to support the latest styles.
I sense a fashionable future for Duncan.