7 Jan 2008

The Past Few Weeks

We got over the holiday season. It was mostly very nice, but everyone has been sick in various ways for the past week; not quite so nice.

So what were the highlights;

  • Obviously, Christmas morning, and the children delighted with their haul, even Lady who earlier in the year reasoned out the truth about the man in red.
  • Playing and watching the others on the new Wii game, our first games console and a fabulous bit of kit.
  • Lady in her new dress-up 'ballgown' ('cause 9 year olds still like that kind of thing) and Thomas in his Quidditch robes.
  • Duncan enthralled by Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 PC game. It is just so right for him!
  • Christmas dinner, once it was on the table!
  • Heading off with my sister on Boxing day and going out with a gang of cousins and our brother in the home town and yapping and laughing and drinking (cokes only for me, my SVT episodes were frequent and I didn't want to risk alcohol) and dancing and being benignly rowdy. That was great.
  • Having my 4 year old nephew C. stay with us for 2 nights while Lady stayed with his big sister in their house. He and Thomas get on well, and more than a few games of Doctor Who and various super-hero type games were played out. C. made me laugh by putting on an American accent for these games, as opposed to his usual, shall we say, broad north west Irish one!
  • Visiting with my family. We had a lovely visit with my aunt P. Duncan loves her house because they have a cuckoo clock. He didn't want to leave, saying 'no go home. Duncan stay in P's house, Duncan sleep in P's bed.' We liked their little dog too, a sweet if rather shy miniature schnauzer. I could see one of those in our house! Even Gordon is saying we need to think about the dog thing again.
  • Duncan's many, many new computer generated pictures. Every night we look at what he produced, marvelling at the attention to detail and laughing at his titles. I will make a slide show soon to preserve them.
  • Having the whole family together for so long. We've adapted our spare room to be a serviceable study and Gordon will work from home more this year, and he won't travel abroad anything like as often. That'll be good for everyone.

2007 was a good year, I have every hope that 2008 will be even better.


Trevor said...

Hope 2008 brings lots of good times. Happy new year! Trevor.

kristina said...

Best wishes in the new year! hoping 2008 brings much joy and more to your family.

Sharon McDaid said...

Hello Trevor. Are you our Trevor? Didn't know you had a Blogger account. Are you gonna start blogging? Ah go on, it'd be great!

Kristina, thanks and the very same to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see a new post....I have been thinking about you all and was wondering why the delay???...I need news.... It's my therapy to hear that you're all happy and healthy !!!

Love and best wishes to you all for the new year.

Sharon McDaid said...

Haggis, how are you darlin?

Hope you had a nice (as possible) Christmas. Happy New year to you all too.