19 Jan 2008

More of Duncan's drawings

I don't remember if I have ever mentioned here how Duncan is interested in logos and titles, especially for films and TV programmes. He will replay the opening scenes on his DVDs and videos many times, pausing to have a good look at the logos. Youtube has once again proved its marvellousness, since lots of other logo fans have made films of the idents and logos. Right now, I'd say his favourites are the VCI and Ragdoll production logos on his Tots TV and other BBC films. He draws these often, on the PC, on paper, on the steamed up car window and sometimes creating versions made from lego.

Here's a film he and I put together of some of his most recent PC produced logo pictures. I have not yet bought him a graphics tablet (must do so soon) so he has managed to create all these using a rather wonky mouse and the not-too-user-friendly Windows Paint program.

He has also drawn loads of other pictures, saving and naming them for himself. I love how he draws people, how expressive the faces are. He always draws PC pictures by first zooming into the background (usually a screen shot of his Dogz game) so the finished pictures are very small when viewed at actual size.

For these films, he chose the music and told me what to write on the titles.


Club 166 said...

Wow! That's better than I could do with Paint and a mouse.


Usethebrains Godgiveyou said...

he's very good!

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks! I think they're lovely, but I am very biased!

mjsuperfan said...

I love his people, and his use of bright colors. I'll have to try showing it to my boys...they are very into credits and logos. My NT son would appreciate the Spiderman pictures.

Dani said...