19 Nov 2007

Threatened by Homeopaths, possibly!

Bloody hell. This is my latest comment;

Please be advised that this copyrighted document referred here to as "Melnychuk" that you are displaying and continually re-displaying in comments was illegally hacked from a web site in the United States of America.

United States law allows that hacking a web site and posting, and/or using copyrighted material without express permission of the author is a federal offense (sic) and is punishable by incarceration even if secondary or mirrored from another web site.

That legal surrender of a fugitive to the jurisdiction of the United States is required by British law.

Ohhh, scary! I mean, I've seen ' The Shawshank Redemption' and other shows about tough US prisons. I don't want to go there! I should be so sorry and do whatever they say. Mr/Mrs Anonymous has got me quaking (I almost wrote quacking,) in my socks...they wish.

Since I have no idea who is making these empty threats, I am going to do nothing but poke fun at whoever is responsible.

The web page I quoted from is available here.
Does this look the work of a hacker? I couldn't hack my way into a children's ABC site. My talents lie elsewhere.

I just wonder what they have to fear when they have to write threatening comments on the puny blog of an Irish housewife.

Oh and I have a disabled child, don't they know that makes me practically a saint ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so jealous. I want a legal threat too.

Mr. Anon, I acquired the document first (entirely legally). If you would like to discuss the matter with me then visit my blog and send me an email here

Anonymous said...

There's only one thing for it. Get yourself kitted out in the stripey suit and ball and chain and present yourself to the authorities forthwith :P.

Another Autism Mom said...

Another testimony for the "brilliance" of homeopaths.

Anonymous said...

How very odd! Could almost be spam. I never really understand what connected to what when it comes to the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

I got a sort of threat from a convicted child molester from Scotland who is an "autism expert" and who is the "best friend" of a DAN! doc. I'm still jealous of your legal threat. :-)

J said...

As my 4 year old would say,
"Ohhhh man. I NEVER get a legal threat."


Anonymous said...

The person threatening you should know that international copyright law only applies to those who violate it for commercial reasons. If your making "money" off the document, then you are violating international copyright (I believe Ireland is a signatory). However, there is also a law called "fair use" and in this instance, your use of the document would be considered fair use.

Note to person threatening: It is against the law to issue a legal threat with either no intention to exercise that threat or to issue a threat with no basis in the law. In this case, the latter applies and the "threat issuer" is in violation and subject to prosecution if this blog owner decides to exercise her rights.

Sharon, if the person issuing this threat proceeds, I know of a top notch copyright attorney with a very high ABA rating in his field that would be willing to defend you pro bono :-).

Sharon McDaid said...

Hi Gimpy.
I'm obviously more threatening to the delicate sensibilities of the homeopathic profes..., umm, workforce. :-P

Nice one Bullet. I wonder how my children will fair while I'm locked up for my alleged offence.

AMA, indeed it is!

Maddy, it could be spam. It's not worth taking seriously for sure, coming as it does from Anon. There have been a few instances recently of more serious uses of legal threats against people writing negatively about homeopathy. I'm quite delighted to thought worth threatening. Hee!

Mrs Clark, ah, I suppose the person you refer to has his reputation to defend...

Steve D, as my 5 year old would say, it's BOILING good fun!

Christschool, thanks for the reassurance. I did think I had obeyed the rules of fair use. Thanks for the information about the illegality of baseless threats. I sure hope I don't need the services of a lawyer, but it's good to know there's a good one available, and pro bono at that. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
your blog is many things, all of them good. It is not puny. Far too powerful for pathetic bullies called "anonymous."

Sharon McDaid said...

Mike, thank you.
I just had another critical comment on the homeopathy post. A different anon (from Vancouver this time) didn't approve of what I had to say either.

Bock the Robber said...

Oh this is good. We'll have fun with this one.

Sharon McDaid said...

It looks like you did Bock. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, followed a link to your blog from bock the robber's site

To the best of my knowledge, you are permitted under US law to use portions of copywrited material for the purpose of discussing or criticising it. Do you really think fox news get's paid by mediamatters.org for all those clips of Ann Coulter?

The electronic Frontier Foundation are the people to talk to.

Bock the Robber said...

Glad to be of some little help Sharon. You don't need jerks like that giving you grief.

In some ways, though, it's a pity the gobshite went so quiet, though not a surprise. In my experience, these bullies lose the bravado very fast when you call their bluff. We need to constantly challenge these frauds and carpetbaggers.

And by the way, should you feel inclined to call one of these fools by insulting names, feel free to do so, liberally. Under Irish law, mere vulgar abuse is not actionable. Did you know that?

Sharon McDaid said...

Yeah Bock, but what's the UK law like? I live in that part of the island under UK jurisdiction.
Anyway, I use my telephone voice on this blog, and have almost always resisted the urge to swear.

And you're right, it's not at all surprising that the complainers have gone silent.

Bock the Robber said...

It's the same in all common-law jurisdictions: UK, Australia, Canada, India etc.