7 Nov 2007

Lady's 'Insight into autism.'

I had another look at the NAS Think differently site, and the section on 'insights into autism.' It's still dominated by stories from parents, and most of these emphasise difficulties and problems. I don't want to put yet another parental opinion up there, so I thought I'd ask Lady what she would want to tell people about her little brother Duncan. Here's what she had to say;

I am 9 and my brother Duncan is 7 and he is autistic. I like him, he is fun and we are best friends. We like to play together with my other brother on our trampoline and to run around and to go on our scooters and bikes. He likes to play with his trains and he likes it when we read stories to him. He's good at drawing and doing things on the computer. He doesn't like big bangs or when me or anybody else cries. I don't think his autism is a problem.

I have sent this to the NAS and hopefully it will be put up on the site someday soon. It might just make people think differently about the assumption that siblings suffer so much due to autism.


Bev said...

That's a great idea, Sharon. I hope they post it. It took about 3 or 4 days for my comment to show up.

I see you have the brick wall poster in your sidebar! Cool.

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks Bev. I've just been playing with the sidebar trying to get the poster displayed and get the link working. I think it's OK now.
The poster is fabulous and I want to see it everywhere.
Actually, it would be great if someone put it on that NAS campaign site, as it gives loads of insights!

Anyone want to try that?

Patrick said...

They certainly look happy!

Anonymous said...

She is so smart and absolutely right. He is brilliant as are the rest of the kiddies. I love the photo, they look great. Cathy xx

Anonymous said...

She is so smart, they all look great in that photo.

Anonymous said...

That was a lovely post by Lady :).

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks everyone.
They really are very happy together and they look out for each other in their own way.

Sharon McDaid said...

Lady's piece has been published on the NAS site!