28 Nov 2007

New Cancer Centre in Belfast

Here's a really good story for once. The new Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB) in Belfast is officially opened today. This is exactly the sort of peace dividend I want to see. It will benefit every person in this part of the world who has cancer. It comes too late to help my mum who died of cancer almost 12 years ago, and who on occasion, had less than impressive treatment in an old, crumbling and dismal setting.

From the Telegraph article;

World-renowned oncologist, Professor Patrick Johnston, director of the new centre, said the new centre marks "a major milestone for Northern Ireland and Queen's in launching an international centre for excellence in cancer research and care".

In the new centre, there are some top scientists and clinicians, one of whom I know very well and who is working hard to improve cancer therapies and to make things better for the patients.

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