13 Sept 2007

Darling Boy

For the past few evenings, Duncan has taken to wearing a nightie belonging to Lady. It's pale lilac, long-sleeved and reaches to his calves. He teams it with a top-hat (from Lady's magic kit), Thomas's glasses (thankfully, the prescription is very mild), some black shoes and an umbrella. He is, of course, John Darling from Peter Pan.

He also enjoys playing Dogz, a PC virtual pet game. He adopts the 'mutt' then dresses it up in a top hat, and does something to make the dog run around on the screen on top of a picture he's found of the children from Peter Pan. Then I realise, the dog is Nana! I love these insights into his amazing world.


Anonymous said...

He sounds very inventive :).

Unknown said...

Very nice, thank you for sharing. I have a boy, Ryan, who is 5 now and sleeps in a nightshirt from time to time. Still working on potty training so constant change of clothes through the night.

Thought you might like this;


Best regards,


Sharon McDaid said...

Bullet, so much for that 'impairment in imagination' of the diagnostic triad.

Mark, that's a beautiful song. I was very moved.

Club 166 said...

I like it!

He's paying attention just fine, thank you.


Casdok said...

Yes insights are amazing arnt they.

Allie said...

Our ds has always loved to dress up - and not just for 'play'. He's been Doctor Who for a few weeks now.

Do you think that, maybe, Duncan can give more energy to his wonderful imagination because you're not always forcing him into situations he can't bear? It must be very tiring for many kids who have to try to get by in situations they find scary or perplexing.

Sharon McDaid said...

Hi Allie
I think you're right. Duncan is totally free to wear whatever he fancies at home, whether it's something that should be "for girls" or some odd combination of garments from the dressing up boxes. I don't think he'd like wearing a uniform every day!
Actually, none of my 3 would like the uniform. They each dress up a lot. Thomas would love your ds. He's a huge Doctor Who fan too and dresses like him half the time (the other half, he's Harry Potter.) In fact, yesterday he was asking about money, and I was talking about jobs and earnings. I told him that when he's older he will have a job and earn money; he told me he didn't think so...'when I'm an adult, I'm just going to be a Time Lord.'