12 Sept 2007

How to fry an egg

So you fancy a fried egg, and your mum isn't sorting you out fast enough so you do it yourself.

First you get the frying pan and pour in a bit of olive oil.
Then you get the carton of eggs, and a small plastic container. You don't like egg yolk, so Mummy always separates the eggs and saves the yolks for use in a pancake or something else later. You've watched this loads of times and know just what to do. You crack the egg, use the shell to separate the yolk and pour the white in the frying pan onto the oil, and drop the yolk into the plastic container. Then you go get Mummy, because even the self reliant 7 year old knows not to turn the hob on.

Mummy is rather surprised to see what I've done so far, but at last, she performs the last step and I get my fried egg white, coated (obviously) in ketchup. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Nice one Duncan!

Bree said...

lmao, wow, Im impressed!