19 Sept 2007

The farm, some trips, and thinking in pubs.

A few days ago, my dad called and asked to borrow Duncan for the day, as a travelling companion. I consented (obviously!) and they headed off for the day, to visit my aunt and others back home. Since I had only 2 children to look after, we decided to go out. A trip to the farm was the consensus decision. We had a nice time, and were all especially enamoured of a tiny Jack Russel puppy who was the last of the litter born to the farm dog to be re-homed. Lady loves all the animals; it's not a trait she's inherited from either her parents. Thomas preferred the playground so we played there for a while. We walked about and they loaded my pockets with black berries.

Duncan returned, having had a grand day out with his Granada. He's had an ice-cream cone, and a new toy car (the Fat Controller's car, no less...which he adapted asap to look more like Brum).

My sister returned for a few days holiday and we went over to the home town together for a few days, leaving Gordon and the children behind. We got together with my favourite aunt and uncle and my brother and his girlfriend for a great night out in a local restaurant. The following day, lil' sis' C and I dootered round the town, and in the evening we met up with a few cousins in a pub. That was some night! We all ended up dancing and singing. I felt like I was in the middle of that scene in Educating Rita where Rita is siting in the pub feeling disconnected from her husband and family while they're all singing some inane song, except I wasn't feeling Rita-ish. Although, by analysing it, maybe I am sorta Rita-ish. Anyway, it was fun.

Yesterday I went to listen to a lecture in Belfast by Donna Williams. It was very interesting and I think I'll go into it more later.

Today, Lady and Thomas have their gymnastics classes and I've just found out about an art class I can take Duncan and Thomas to, so we'll be doing that as well. I hope it's good.

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Casdok said...

I bet Donna Williams was interesting!