12 Sept 2007

Holiday Snaps

I wanted to stick on a few photos of our holiday, the first we've ever taken all together away from home. I think these capture some of the happy times we had.


On the go-cart

Duncan loved zipping around on this

This last photo shows Duncan, engrossed in watching a hairy caterpillar make it's way across the path, while the concert was taking place (with Lady and Thomas performing) in a large, loud room nearby. Duncan rightly opted to stay outside and passed the time happily riding a tricycle, playing with a little toddler he made friends with and watching the caterpillar.

Duncan looking closely at a caterpillar


Club 166 said...

Great place, and great times. Looks like everyone had fun!


kristina said...

Thanks for sharing! May the good times continue.

Sharon McDaid said...

Thanks. Kristina, I was thinking of Charlie when the children were playing on the beach and swimming in the Atlantic; our little cyber pal across the ocean, and wondering if he too would be in the ocean that same day.

Anonymous said...

I notice there's a toy train in that bottom photo too, just beside his foot. The famous Thomas the Tank!

Bree said...

Ah wow, Im glad you all had a fabulous time.

Haggis said...

Looks like a great time was had and how your babies have grown!!! I have been distracted all morning reading about your fabulous lives and moreover, the amazing mother that you are!!!
Love Haggis...if you can figure that one out!

Sharon McDaid said...

Haggis, would 'pyramidal peaks' and 'bouncing back' mean anything to you?