2 Feb 2007

4/5 Family Holiday

I had this bright idea that we should all go on a holiday somewhere, and taking inspiration from another HE blogger, I started looking into Disneyland Paris. It took a while for Gordon to agree that we should do this, when there are so many good reasons not to. But finally we decided that, if we were well prepared and went with a very open mind and I was wholly willing to spend all my time with Duncan watching the Big Thunder Mountain train, or whatever it was he wanted to do, then we'd manage fine.

So, I tell the children that I'm going to book this trip, probably during March. Right away Duncan protests, he tells me he is not going to Disneyland, he is not going on the aeroplane. I don't try to convince him, but I find some on-line videos of the park and various rides. He really enjoys watching these, especially the footage of the aforementioned Big Thunder Mountain train and the Buzz Lightyear ride. But, he still doesn't want to go. I ask if he wants to stay with Granda while all the rest of us go away without him, and he says yes. No matter what way I put it to him, no matter how I try to reassure him that he'll be with Mummy on the plane and we'll be happy together, or how there are lots of fun things to do and see in Disneyland, he's just not going. He told me to buy him a present, a toy Evil Emperor Zurg.

So I've now booked for 4 of us to go for 4 nights in April, while Duncan stays with his grandparents. It will certainly be a whole lot easier to manage without him, but it's a shame that we couldn't have our 1st ever proper family holiday together. I hope that, if we all enjoy this enough, we might all be able to go again in a couple of years time when Duncan would probably be more willing to fly.

But if not, we can holiday in Ireland, or to be really wild, take a ferry to Scotland!


thenewstead6 said...

hey, was that my fault?!! At least he has made his own mind up, and is getting was he wants - which is how it goes, isn't it? I'm glad for you that you'll get a break, and hope you have a fab time! I'll look forward to reading about it - you can give us good tips!

Sharon McDaid said...

Hey Anne! Yes, you're to blame for all this! I'm really looking forward to our trip now, and I'll certainly write about it after. We're even staying in the same hotel as you!