16 Jan 2007

A year of blogging

I posted my first ever blog post on January 16 2006. and have written 133 posts since then. I really didn't think I would keep this up but it's been wonderful. I'm so pleased that I have recorded some of the little stories of my children growing up; things that I will be grateful to read again for years to come. The interactive aspect of blogging is great too, I feel honoured to be part of 2 great blogging communities; the home-education ring and the Autism Hub.

I'm going to rewrite my 2nd ever post here, which was about why the blog was called The Voyage.
Because when Gordon and I first became friends back in '91, I lent him a Christy Moore tape called 'Voyage' which he listened to while travelling to Jamaica to see his Dad. It's something we shared right back at the beginning of 'us'. I really like the song 'The Voyage'. It's simple and true and as time goes by and we have made a family, it means more.

Life is a journey, and love is its boat,
On troubled waters, it keeps us afloat,
When we started this voyage, there was just me and you,
Now gathered round us we have our own crew.

Isn't that sweet...

Anyway, then the children were 3, 5 and 7 and Duncan was still at school. They are all learning at home now and very happy we are with this set-up. They have all grown so much since I started. Lady is even taller, more knowledgeable, mature and sensitive and into Jujitsu and Harry Potter. Duncan has progressed more than I would have believed possible. He talks more, makes himself understood, is interested in loads of things, is learning to read and just recently started writing and drawing too. Thomas is no longer the just out of babyhood cutie. He's a proper boy, independent and smart (but he's still Mummy's little darling first thing in the morning and last thing at night.)

I think I'll keep this up for a while yet. It's part of my life now. So to anyone who ever reads my wittering, thanks for dropping by and especially thanks for when you've felt like leaving a comment.

And to the person who found me by Googling 'Thomas Tank Engine causing learning difficulties', no, they really don't. They're just a harmless, rather dull to read (though I'm so familiar with the world as it exists on the Island of Sodor now that it feels like a 2nd home) set of books, films and never ending merchandising.


Maddy said...

Congrats - and I am given to understand that 'Thomas' is one of the primary clues that clinicians check on.
Best wishes

Sharon McDaid said...

Hi McEwan and ta very much!
Yes, in all the autistic children I've met or heard of (bar 1) a love of all things Thomas, was present.
It could almost be part of the diagnostic criteria.

Hazel said...

It is amazing the things people google isnt it! I've had some hilarious google visits - men wearing paper pants, and Christian women in nighties, are just two of them. LOL.
Well done on making your first year. I hope you keep it up. I pop in every day to see if theres a new post. We must meet up some time soon. Jude thinks lady is great and little Luke is always asking when we are going to see your kids again.

Sharon McDaid said...

Hazel, that's some crazy Googling! We should start a meme of the strangest search terms that led to your blog!

It would be lovely to see you all any time! Are you sure Luke is interested in the kids and not the large collection of trains ;-)

Hazel said...

Ha ha, it could be the trains, although he talks about Lady and 'Lady's Mum' all the time. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Unfortunately it was not strangers who commented but friends and family. Anyway, not sure what Im doing yet. We must meet up. I'll send you an email.

David Todd said...

Well Done!

Sharon McDaid said...

Hazel, sorry I misunderstood about what was going on. That's so unfair; your blog is wonderful.

Cybez, thanks ;-)