2 Jan 2007

Christmas Meme

Hazel tagged me.

Name three things:

* that you had hanging on your tree:
  • Cheap, cheerful, indestructible Christmas tat that we've collected over the years
  • home-made decorations
  • a photo Duncan looking cute in a Santa hat, tied with a bit of ribbon.

* that you’ve eaten / drunk lots of:
  • Christmas cake and cups of tea
  • Turkey; it was delicious for Christmas dinner, filled a few sandwiches and a pie and provided a base for a great stock.
  • Port; goes well with the cake too.

* that you said most often this Christmas
  • Happy Christmas!
  • This is delicious!
  • Pick that stuff up.

* that you heard most often this Christmas
  • Hooray! Thank you!
  • Play Harry Potter with me (new CD Rom).
  • Draw Brum/Adiboo/a frog/a rocket/Toy Story Zurg...(from Duncan).

* that you’ll do again next year
  • Get together with all my family and their children for a party. That was ace.
  • Facilitate the magic of Santa.
  • Make a big Christmas cake (next year, with whiskey!).

* that you’ll *never* do again
  • Can't think of anything...non, je ne regrette rien.

* that you didn’t do this year but hope to do next year
  • Relax more and tidy less.
  • See more friends.

* favourite presents this year
  • The joy of our children on Christmas morning, and having them play together so happily.
  • A DVD of Sideways and CD by Justin Timberlake.
  • My classy red handbag; thanks L. for your impeccable good taste!

* that you’re glad you didn’t get for Christmas

  • Too much stuff.

I'm not tagging anyone specifically, go ahead anyone who fancies it.


Maddy said...

Sounds like a jolly good time was had by all - but you didn't have our 'weather'.
Cheers and Happy New Year

Deb said...

You've been tagged