19 Jan 2007

Turf and Trains

We took another trip to the Folk and Transport Museum yesterday, where we met up with 2 other families. On our way in, I showed my pass, got the tickets, and said 'thank you, cheerio!' to the man in the ticket booth, to hear a clear, high little voice call out from behind me 'thank you, cheerio!' Lady and I were laughing at how cute Duncan sounded and he said 'ha, ha, ha. It's funny!'

It was wet and windy but we're hardy. We started off in the Folk section, and walked...did I just say we walked...no, we don't do walking, we ran round the town and in and out of various old buildings. We saw our friends and I spent about 5 minutes in their company, before Duncan splashed through a puddle getting his socks and trousers wet. He wasn't happy with that, and was about to sit on the wet, muddy ground and strip off. I took him into one of the cottages and we sat in front of a lovely turf (dried sods of peat) fire where he did take off his wet things, and I dried them by the fire. It was really pleasant actually. We sat in the warmth, chatting and I told him some stories (about a little boy falling in a puddle). He enjoyed the rocking chair, we're going to have to get one of those for our house.

I let him go upstairs alone, expecting him to come back straight away. When a minute had passed, I went up to find him lying in one of the grotty, old beds. Eventually we went out to find the others, as I had abandoned Thomas and Lady. They were all happy, but cold, so we went over to the enclosed transport section.

The children all had such a great time and Duncan was pleased to see that Percy was back in place (in the model train display case). Thomas is so funny when he gets together with his buddies, he acts all silly to try to make them laugh. I took the boys home after an hour or so, but Lady stayed with D and her boys (so D was only looking after 7 children aged 12, 11, 9, 8, 7, 4 and 1!)

On Friday, my dad and step-mum came round for lunch. It was his birthday, so we were having a little party. Lady made a nice card, and I made some pizza and a cake. They brought a leftover box of Christmas crackers round and the children enjoyed opening those; particularly Duncan. I had a headache later though, and the 2 boys were being very loud. It just felt like one of those days when I wished children came with an off switch, or at least a pause button. I had a nice cuddle though when I was putting them to bed, and when Gordon came home we ordered a takeaway curry, washed down with a glass of red wine, and the day was fine again.

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