22 Jan 2007

NAS Position on Ashley X

I've just read the the following on the NAS website;
The National Autistic Society champions the rights of people with autism and is committed to equal rights for all disabled people. Disabled children are children first and foremost and, as such, should have the full and equal human rights that are accorded to other children. Preventing disabled children from developing into adults is not only degrading but contravenes their basic human rights.

I am pleased to see that they are taking this position. On the same page, they highlight the campaign by Scope (the Cerebral Palsy organisation) to defend disabled children's human rights.

Scope have this to say about the Ashley X mistreatment;
If we are to prevent potential abuse of the human rights of disabled children in the future then the government must face up to the pressure families are under and increase the money and support available to them. Our society must adapt to the needs of all children, disabled and non-disabled alike. Children must not be adapted to fit our society.

We demand that the government provides appropriate and adequate support to disabled people and their families and prohibits similar medical interventions in the UK.

They are requesting that people sign up to support their campaign. I have added my name, and am so relieved to see such a campaign in place. I can only hope that they get lots more support.


Anonymous said...

It's heartening to read this, I'm glad to hear they're taking a firm stand, and hope this will help determine policy against this procedure in the UK. Thank you for sharing, it's very good to read this!

Heidirific said...

Hi Sharon, this isn't related to the post but thought I would let you know. I really enjoy reading your blog but was wondering why you changed the template? I find the black background on white really hard to read. Don't know if it is difficult for others or not but thought that I'd let you know...