14 Nov 2006

That's a wrap!

On Sunday, the whole family went for a walk down to the beach, then we drove to the drive through at you-know-where. There were happy faces all round.

We're having our hallway and kitchen painted this week, using a washable paint. So, we're getting out during the day so the man doing the decorating can get on with it, without lots of little helping hands. Yesterday Gordon took time off work and we went to W5. Lady and Thomas stayed with Gordon while I looked after Duncan. We managed to run around every square metre of that 5 floor building. Who needs a gym? I don't!

In between all the running (and chasing) lots of things captured his interest for long enough to warrant a pause for further investigation. My favourite bit, was when we played with some plastic dinosaurs and and made some frame-by-frame animation films of them bashing into each other - as you do! Suddenly Duncan decided to move on to something else, so he ran off, and as I went after him, I heard him say, 'that's it, that's a wrap!' I have no idea where he heard that before, or how he was able to say it in such an appropriate setting.

He uses lots of expressions from the Green Eggs and Ham book now too. It's great for expressing a disinclination to acquiesce, like, 'I do not like it here or there' or 'I would not, could not'. When I turn off his light at night, he says 'Not in the dark!' And he sometimes follows up with the rest of the line, 'not in a tree, not in a car, you let me be!'

I think it's magical, seeing how he adapts all these scripts in his head, chops and sorts them and uses them in such a logical way!

Today we spent the day with some friends. (I had warned my friend D to 'brace herself' for our arrival!) We all had a great time and us mums had a good natter.

Lady and Thomas have become very interested in a boy band from a children's TV show set in Belfast. It's called Bel's Boys, and I keep hearing snippets of their songs, mostly sung by Thomas when he's sitting on the floor building a puzzle or whatever. He wants a guitar for Christmas (so does Lady). She also told me that when they were at W5, a teenager said Thomas was cute and he responded with 'I'm not cute, I'm a singer and I do rock!'
So there!


Anonymous said...

Duncan made me smile. What a sweetie.

Elderfaery said...

I agree: very very cute:)

Maddy said...

We have a lot of 'repetative' talk around here too, but it's becoming more appropriate.
Best wishes

Sharon McDaid said...

Hi all
I've been away from the PC for days and have just seen your comments. Ta Ruth and EF, he is a sweetie...90% of the time anyway ;-)

Hi Mcewan (or is it McEwan, I'm a 'Mc' meself, so the 2nd spelling seems right to me!)
Anyway, I just think this technique of learning language is amazing. Someone else listening to Duncan might just think he's babbling nonsense much of the time, but these long quotations are always just appropriately.
He often says a line over and over, trying to pronounce the words correctly (as he heard them) and it's really helping his articulation.