26 Jan 2006

Who knows?

Lots of ‘socialisation’ today! First, a friend called over with her 5 boys. The children had a good time playing together and we mums managed to find some things to talk about ;-).
My Thomas and her 3 yo are so cute together; they look very alike, same size, hair, eyes and skin tone.

We also visited one of our old neighbours and Lady enjoyed running around on the street with her (young) old friends while Thomas played with the little 1yo girl and Duncan played with their train set and combed the kitchen for chocolate. My friend thought she’d put it all away, but the eagle-eyed one found a tiny chocolate Santa in amongst her spice jars. Oh and Lady went to her Rainbow group.

Don't you feel sorry for my poor isolated home-educated children!

Also today, I was asked what I imagined Duncan’s future would be like, bearing in mind that we cannot predict the future for any child whether special issue or not. I said I thought he would be fine, he will continue to develop skills and knowledge, his communication skills will keep improving with help from us and I hope he will be happy with himself and find work that he is good at and enjoys. I thought that he could do anything, for example, something in computing or engineering or a designer. Well I’m sure I waffled a bit more than that but you get the idea! I think he will be able to live independently but need help with some mundane aspects of life. I know that this is nonsense because he could end up as a concert pianist or a monk or an astronaut (I did used to call him my little space-boy when he was 1; ‘Duncan go home’!!).


What the heck do I know?! But I’m not too worried. Well, I am a bit and we save what money we can and it is in the back of our minds (Gordon and I) well, Duncan might need it when he’s older. (Compound interest will do more for him than chelation or ABA!) All I know is that too many people end up feeling depressed as they get older and I want him to be happy in his skin and feel loved, supported and competent at what matters to him.

What’s funny is another remark my friend made later; if the person she was 10 years ago could meet the person she is now, she’d be shocked (earth-mother wise-woman that she is! ;-) ). I think the same; I have changed and grown so much in the past 10 years. If we can’t know what we ourselves will be like, how can we hope to know what our children will be like?

And finally...

Today’s little note from Duncan’s teacher included the following;

“He enjoyed PE this morning although finds the hall a huge temptation to run about in !!”. :-0
Look, she’s a really nice woman and is short on time when she writes these little notes, and it’s nice to get them since Duncan goes to school via bus and I don’t see the teachers often, but; PE, a big hall and a very active little boy; well DUH!!! COURSE he’s going to want to run about!

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Anonymous said...

Hm, wonder who the friend could be… ;-)

Thanks for a good day - the kids had a great time (as usual) - wasn’t it funny when we weren’t sure who was inside the Spiderman costume? :-)

As for that comment - that made me laugh all the way home! Duh is right!