23 Jan 2006


Well I don't know how you are supposed to spell the sound your laptop makes when it suddenly and for no apparant reason stops working while you're sitting there using it.


Anyway, we've had a few good days. On Tuesday it was my Dad's birthday so I took Lady and Thomas to visit him and deliver his cards. Lady had drawn a pretty sea scene on her card, with cavorting dolphins und rainbows and butterflies.

He joined us for a visit to the Ulster Museum.
There is a lot to see and we didn't have enough time before we had to rush back to meet Duncan from school. The Early Ireland gallery was interesting since we've been reading about Stone Age life. Lady liked all the pretty crystals in the Geology section. She is always collecting stones and shells when we're out; looks like a natural interest there! Thomas however was HARD WORK! This is a new and unwelcome development in my previously pretty angelic boy but he has started to argue, shout, and screech a bit. All he wanted to do was to go to the cafe when he'd spotted it and he WAS NOT going to compromise. Hmmm.

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