29 Jan 2006

Falling in is MORE fun!

I took the children shopping on Friday morning and we bought Pingu and the Sims (or whatever it’s called) CD Roms for £5 each in Asda. I had already told Lady that I would be giving her £2 pocket money each week and that I still had money she had been given as gifts. So she decided to start spending and choose a Scooby Doo DVD. Yippee…

The spending continued with a trip to the charity shop which left us with about 10 new children’s books, including an Usborne jigsaw atlas which looked brand new and a volume of Cat in the Hat stories which Lady has enjoyed reading to me. Actually Dr Seuss stuff used to freak me out a bit when I was her age, but I now realise it has to be read aloud to someone so you can laugh at the silliness together. Lady also picked a very dainty statue of a little girl, the kind of thing I loved when I was 7 too.

When Duncan got home he spotted the Pingu disc so I put it on and he got stuck in. Man, that boy can handle a computer! He has great mouse control, though he uses his thumb to click. He started playing a puzzle game, dragging blocks to make a variety of shapes in a certain time and he flew though it. After a while Thomas wanted to play so they played a game where the object was to get Pingu across the river by jumping on the icebergs and they kept making the character jump into the water. It was on the tip of my tongue to instruct then that NO, you’re supposed to make him jump on the ice but thankfully I stopped myself and realised they were laughing their heads off together at the funny noise Pingu was making when he fell in the water :-)!!

Gordon came home on Saturday evening, having been away all week so we were all so happy to see him. On Sunday we had a ‘movie night’; we all gathered on our new fancy sofa to watch the Scooby Doo movie, on our VERY big fancy TV. It was good fun, though not as good as hearing Duncan later sing ‘Pass the Dutchie’ (from the film), well he had the words ‘pass the’ and the tune was spot on, but the rest of the lyrics were his own! Gordon said he must tell his Dad in Jamaica about that one!

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