16 Jan 2006

Building towns

I worked with Lady on some maths (adding problems and she made an addition square). Thomas was playing with a bag of wooden bricks upstairs and we went up to see the great tower he'd made. So Lady starts playing with him at the bricks and they call me up later to show me their beautiful town. It had a little row of houses, a church, a school a playground and a memorial! I love how they collaborate so well on little things like that and can visualise fairly plain shapes as representing different things.

Duncan came back from school with another note about how he wouldn't settle and just wanted to run around. At least this time they have decided to help him in a more useful way than rewarding him with Cheerios for 'sitting nicely'. They're going to let him play in the covered outdoor area 1st thing to burn off some energy and they will take him to the sensory room for 5 mins.

The first thing Duncan wanted to do with me was to Google images of Care Bears DVDs; I wonder where that idea came from?

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Anonymous said...

I love the new baby blog! Coo!

Love the names of your family too ;-)